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Essentials To Create A Wordpress Website

There are three essential steps required to create and design your wordpress website

Your Domain Name

Your domain name is your identifacation over the internet and works in a similair way that your phone number works, each and every domain name is unique in order for people to find your website while searching online

Reliable Web Hosting

Web hosting is essential for your website to work your files are stored in a data base and the server distributes your files over the internet, the web hosting provider you choose should be reliable and trust worthy

Creative Content

Creative content is essential to your websites popularity, relevant content will attract more visitors to your website and increase your rankings in Google which in turn will make your website more visible to internet users

App features

Website Management

Learn about the essentials of good website management and design
Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

SEO or search engine optimization is crucial for the ranking of your website  

Menu Structure

Menu Structure

Good menu structure will guide your visitors to essential parts of your website

Content Creation

Content Creation

Creative content is what attracts visitors to your website and keeps them there 

Website Security

Website Security

Good website security will ensure a hassle free time while online

Website Design Basics

Website Design Basics

Developing a plan before you create your website will lead to a great design

Backup And Restore

Backup And Restore

How to backup and restore your website is essential when things go wrong


Learn how to setup your own online shop with the Shopify dropshipping platform

Building up an online business is very much a dream for most people and is very achiveable using the shopify dropshipping platform and Oberlo to build your very own online store.


  • Shopify is an all in one dropshipping platform to get you started online
  • Sell products worldwide from the comfort of your own home
  • Dropship with out the need for a warehouse or inventory
  • Can be fully automated with little maintainance time required
  • Be your own boss and be in control your own time
  • All the tools and resources required are suplied with your subscription

learning how to create my own website was alot of fun and knowing where to start was a big help this guide for creating a wordpress website was very helpful in my ventures and the rewards of creating my own website was well worth the effort in the end

Jason Barkley


Wordpress Themes And Plugins

Want to make your website special and stand out from your competitors Template Monster stock a huge range of Wordpress themes and plugins to get you noticed online


  • Unique Wordpress themes designed in house just for you
  • Huge range of graphics to compliment your website design
  • Huge range of stock audio available for that special project
  • Can be fully automated with little maintainance time required
  • Template Monster can design a website tailord to your needs
  • Joomla Drupal and shopify templates available online

Webmaster Discussions

Need help with your website join Webmaster Discussions the online community for questions and answers on common website issues