Create A Website With Wordpress

Learn how to create your own website with the Wordpress content management stystem

How To Install A Wordpress Quickstart PackageIt is very easy to create a website with Wordpress content management system, you do not need to employ expensive web designers to create your own website you just need to learn a bit of basic website design principles.

There are three basic elements needed to create a website with Wordpress, you need a domain name which is your identification over the internet, web hosting where your websites files are distributed over the internet and a content management system like Wordpress. 

Step 1/Web Hosting

The very first step you need to take is to find a reliable web hosting provider, a web hosting provider is required for two reasons you need a server to store and distribute websites files and security to protect these files from hackers, we recommend A2 Hosting Wordpress plans they provide a very fast and reliable web hosting service.

Web Hosting is an essential requirement for creating a website your websites files need to be distributed over the internet when a person searches and clicks on your link, your website also needs to be secure from hackers your web hosting provider should supply a fast and reliable platform for your website.

A2 Hosting provide Wordpress hosting plans to suit a wide range of requirements with features and resources tailored for personal websites through to international ecommerce websites and local business websites.

The very basics required for a fast and secure website include an SSL Certificate to encrypt files sent oner the internet to protect both you and your website visitors, one click Wordpress installation, email accounts and most inportantly 24/7 customer support, A2 Hosting provide all these requirements and much more with any of there premium Wordpress hosting plans

We provide an unbiased review for A2 Hosting check them out, or visit the A2 Hosting website for more information on there optimized Wordpress hosting packed with features and resources to get you started online.

Step 2/Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is a very important decision that can make your website a success, there many places to purchase domain names from, but we recommend purchasing your domain through A2 Hosting this way your domain name is pointed to the servers where your website is hosted just look for register new domain in your hosting account.

You can use a domain name that you purchased from else where but you will need to point the domain to your new servers through the account where you purchased your domain name from, this is a matter of entering your new servers ip address and name servers which can be found in your hosting account, please read our guide for more detailed information on domain names

Step 3/Install Wordpress 

Wordpress is one of the most popular content management systems around used by a large portion of the population worldwide to create personal websites, online blog websites and small and large business websites.

Wordpress is fairly easy to learn for beginners and adding content to suit your own taste is fairly straight forward process once you get started, the Wordpress installation through your hosting account is only a very basic website which can be added to at a later time. 

Wordpress Automated Installer (recommended)

There are three methods used to install the Wordpress content management system on your A2 Hosting account, the first method is with the automated Wordpress installers, this installation is recommended for novices, if this is the first time you have signed up for a A2 Hosting account the procedure is very easy, when you order your hosting package with A2 Hosting, you simply select WordPress A2 Optimized in the list of auto-installation options on your account page. After your account is set up with A2 Hosting, WordPress will be ready for you as the automated installers will create the data base, username and install a new Wordpress package for you. 

Softaculous App installer

The second method to install Wordpress on your A2 Hosting account is with the Softaculous App installer, you use this method if you already have an A2 Hosting account but never used the Wordpress installer when you signed up for web hosting, the Softaculous App installer is semi automated installer and can be used to install a wide range of applications from Wordpress and Joomla websites to online forums and eCommerce applications, with the Softaculous App installer you need to manually select features and insert passwords and user names.

Wordpress Manual Install

The third and final method to install the Wordpress content management system on your A2 Hosting account is to install manually, this method is best used when you have purchased a Wordpress quick start package from themes suppliers like Template Monster, these quick start packages are ready made websites pre filled with standared content and images to suit a particular theme, you simply replace the content with your own content relevant to your website needs, this method is for beginners with a little bit of knowledge, just follow the instructions below on how to install a quickstart package.

Pick A Wordpress Quick start Package

Create your website with a fantastic Wordpress theme get started today

How To Install A Wordpress Quickstart Package

Learn how to install a Wordpress Quickstart package and create a beautiful looking website

Install A Wordpress Quickstart PackageOne of the easiest ways to create a beautiful and fully functioning Wordpress website that is well organized full of content and images with out to much hassle is to install a Wordpress quickstart package. 

There are hundreds of quickstart packages available on the internet and range in price from $49 through to $200 depending on the purpose of the quickstart and the intended use of the website we thoroughly recommend Template Monster as they carry a huge range of Wordpress themes.

The process to install a quickstart package is a little more difficult than using the automated installers so we will guide you though the process so that you can create a stunning and fully functioning Wordpress website.

Step One Download the Wordpress quickstart package that you purchased from your preferred supplier, the file will be in a zip file format for ease of downloading store this zip file on your computer.

Step Two If wordpress is not already installed on your server you need to do this now, login to your hosting account and find the softaculous apps installer and select wordpress if you purchased your web hosting from A2 Hosting select Wordpress A2 Optimized and follow the instructions for installation.

Step Three When wordpress has installed you will be taken to the admin area of your website if not login, go to appearance on the left of the admin panal and select themes them add new at the top left of admin, select upload theme then choose file and select the ouickstart package from your computer.

Step Four Your new theme will now be displayed in themes select the theme and click install this process only installs the theme not the content of the quick start package

Step Five Return to appearance and scroll down to import demo data this plugin may not be installed if not download and install from, click on import demo data at the bottom of the page and the process of importing the demo content will start this will take a few minutes to process.

Step Six Your Wordpress website should now be populated with the content from the quickstart you purchased log out of wordpress admin and type in your website url which is ( you should now have a functioning website.


Add Content And Functionality

Learn how add new content, website themes and functionality to your Wordpress website

Wordpress Dashboard

Now that you have Wordpress installed you can design the website the way you want it to look, there are hundreds of wordpress themes available at Template Monster our recommended theme provider premium themes provide more scope and features for designing a fantastic looking website.

To make changes to your wordpress website you need to login to your wordpress dashboard using the username and password you used to set up the wordpress installation earlier on, the dashboard is where you can design your websites layout and add content and plugins from.

Changing a wordpress theme has no effect on your websites content, your articles, images and other content remain the same when you change to a different theme just the layout and feel of the website changes, so you can change a theme as many times as you require. 

Website Content

The wordpress admin panal contains many helpful tools for customizing the layout and look of your website, to start a new article click on posts on the left hand side of the dashboard and then add new, add a title to your post a description and the main content of the post, once you have finished your post you can save as a draft or click publish to publish the article live on your website.

To add a new page to your wordpress website find pages in the menu to the left and click on add new, the editor is very much the same as starting a new post, but there are a few more options available, then add a title and content to your page, a page will be displayed by a menu item at the top of your website and may contain articles you have posted or may be made up of other content you want to publish on your wordpress website like images or video.

wordpress pluginWordpress Plugins

Plugins are the core of your wordpress website they add functionality and new features to your wordpress website there are thousands of plugins available from third party providers from all corners of the globe.

Plugins are used to add blogs, website security, article editors and various other helpful tools to the admin panal of your wordpress dashboard, for more information on Wordpress plugins.

To install a new wordpress plugin first select a plugin you require from a supplier and store on your desktop then go to your dashboard and find plugins on the left of the page and click add new.

A new page will open and then click on upload plugin at the top of the page then select the zip file that you download from your desktop, next step requires you to click the install button and wait for the installation process to complete the new plugin will be available under plugins, the best place to buy Wordpress plugins is

How To Install A Wordpress Theme

Changing the overall look of your website is easy just change the Wordpress theme to one you like

This guide will show you how to install a Wordpress theme, when your Wordpress website is looking a little outdated or you just need a new look for your Wordpress website it is as easy as just changing the theme of the website to give the site an uplift and a completely new look.
The best place to shop for a new Wordpress Theme is Template Monster with thousands of new themes available to download suitable for every type of Wordpress website they also stock a large number of Wordpress plugins to change the functionality of your website, to get started login to your Wordpress admin panal, once logged in to your admin panal go to Appearence then select Themes.

Selecting A Wordpress Theme

The next step is to click new if you have not already downloaded a theme from a third party supplier like Template Monster, you can search for a suitable theme through the built in theme directory, select a suitable theme and click install or if you previously download a new theme select upload theme at the top of the page and wait for the installation to process to complete and then click the activate button to activate the theme on your domain.
You should now have a brand new Wordpress website check if the installation has processed completely then visit your domain, one important consideration to remember is to always take a backup of your Wordpress website before installing a new theme.
While the installation does not affect your content it may change the way it looks, when installing a new theme use the preview button before activating the Wordpress Theme this allows you to see what the new theme will do to your websites look. 

SEO For Wordpress Websites

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website for search engines to gain a good ranking

Now that you have your Wordpress website up and running you need to optimizeSEO Joomla your website to gain good rankings in search engines like Google this is crucial to get your website noticed and gain search traffic to your site.

The one most important aspect of search engine optimization are keywords, before you start you need to research keywords for your website, you can achieve this through your Google adwords account or use a program specifically made for this we recommend SEO powersuite which features a great range of tools to rank your website in Google.

For search engine optimization there are two types of SEO, on page search engine optimization which includes urls, meta tittles and meta descriptions, and off page SEO which reffers to the use of social media websites like Face Book and guest posting on other websites etc for marketing which helps with your websites rankings 

We will go through the very basics of search engine optimization to get you started, first off go to the general settings of your Wordpress dashboard here you will find the site tittle which should be the name of your website (How To Raise A Dog) as an example, and the site address url.

The site url is your domain as an example and should contain http if you do not have an ssl certificate, or https if you have an ssl certificate you can have your url with or without the www. it does not make any difference but we prefer to add www.

Every blog Post on your website needs a meta title and meta description and should contain keywords about the article and what it contains, the tittle and meta description are one of the most important seo teqniques as this is what gets included in the search engine results.

For blog posts there are several rules to adhere to, always use target keywords in the first pargraph of any article posted and use keywords in the alt tag of any images used in the article, for a more indepth explanation please read our guide on Search engine optimization