Dropshipping With Shopify

Create your own online store with the shopify dropshipping platform

What Is Shopify

Running your own online store is a big dream for alot of people you become your own boss you can work from home and donot need to travel in traffic to get to work.

There are several ways to setup and run an online shop but Shopify is the by far the easiest way to get there, setting up and online store requires a massive amount of work and Shopify can do most of the hard work for you they provide a free 14 day trial to evaluate there software which is great as you can see how the platform works before buying a subscription.

What is Shopify and how can they help achieve my dream of opening my very own online store, Shopify provide turn key solutions for any type of eCommerce website, they provide every thing you need from hosting your online store through to supplying the software needed to run the online store. 

shopify online sales Platform

Shopify have an association with Oberlo dropshipping app where you can import thousands of products directly into your store where you can start selling, this process is called dropshipping and is a very effective way of selling online.

Shopify do not however supply the products you intend to sell this is up to the individual operating the shop and they do not supply the business know how, you need to attend a business course or find some other means to find this information.

How Does Shopify Work

Shopify provide all the resources and features needed to create a stunning online store with ease
sell online with shopify online sales

How does Shopify work, the process is fairly straight forward you visit the Shopify website and choose a plan that provides all the features that you need to setup your online shop and at a price that you can afford.

Then purchase a domain name from Shopify or from a third party like Namecheap, then choose a template from there selection that best suits the products you intend to sell, you can also use there drag and drop page builder to modify your template, then add your products and content to the website.

The most important aspect of running an online shop is marketing, if you do not put a massive amount of time in at the very launch of your online store you will not get much benefit from the website you need to open business accounts on the popular social media websites like Face Book and Google plus. 

Promote the products here with links back to your Shopify website and also important is to add a blog to the shop explaning why your products are better than competitors this all adds to search engine optimization and getting a good ranking on Google.

Learn how to setup your own Shopify store

Setting up your own online shop is very easy with the Shopify platform get your free trial today

Turn Key Packages

Shopify provide fast and secure hosting for your online store and both of these are very important, security should be at the top of the list as you will be gathering customers information online and acepting online payments as well.

Shopify take care of the security side of your website so that you can concentrate on running your store, this is the big advantage in using turn key packages like Shopify they take care of the small details so you have more time to sell online.

Shopify provide great customer support with live chat and email support they also provide a massive database of most common questions asked from there customers so if you cannot find your answer in the FAQ then you can get instant support via live chat

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Shopify plans are on par with there competitors like Weebly and they supply a great service for online shop owners so that they can concentrate on supplying goods to there customers, Shopify provide a range of add ons at extra cost for buy now buttons etc depending on what you need for your shop, are you ready to setup your own Shopify store.