Install Joomla 4 Quickstart Package

Joomla 4 is a completly redesigned version of Joomla 3 which has been around for a while now, as the version is so new there are very few templates, extensions and plugins that are compatable with Joomla 4 at this time In this guide we will show you how to install a Joomla 4 quickstart package.

To get started you need to login to your hosting provider if you do not have any web hosting sorted we highly recommend A2 Hosting for Joomla once you are logged in to your hosting provider you need to set up a data base and username these will be need later on in the installation.

The next step requires you to upload the quickstart package. then enter the URL of your website in a browser this will look like, replace your website with your domain name and this will take you to the installer interface, our recommended quickstart supplier.

run the joomla installation script

The next step requires you to enter data for login, email and user admin name and password just follow the instructions and click continue as required.
 Select your websites Language Joomla supports many languages, select the language that you want your website to be displayed.
 Site Name: enter your websites name in to the field provided.
 Admin Email: add the email of Administrator of your website, you configure to send the configuration detail to the email.
 Admin Username: add the username of the Admin of the website, this is the username to login the back-end panel as a Super user so make sure you remember the username write this down so you do not forget.
 Admin Password: enter the password for the admin account. Confirm Admin Password: retype the admin password to confirm and write down the password.
site login account configuration
Database Configuration
The nest step requires you to enter the database information that you setup earlier just follow the instructions as required
database configuration
Database type: select the database type: MySQLi or MySQL.
Hostname: enter your hostname in this field. In this example, we install in localhost so the hostname will be “localhost” but if you install from your hosting, you have to enter your hostname.
Username: enter the username to access your host.
Password: enter the password goes with the entered username to access your host.
Database Name: paste the databse name that you created earlier
Table Prefix: enter the table prefix the the database name.
Installing sample data
This next step is very important as it installs the quickstart content for your website that you purchased earlier, you need to click on customise installation then install sample data please wait for the sample data to install.
customize installation
Sample Data Installation
install sample data
The previous screen will now show again, mark the chck box to remove the installation folder as it is not required any more then click on complete and open site to go to your frontend of the website or click on open admin to go to the back end of your website where you can start configuring your websites files, the installation is now complete.
customize installation
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