Must Have Joomla Extensions

There are many extensions available on the market these days for your Joomla website, and a great place to start looking for Joomla extensions is the Joomla Extensions directory this website displays every great extension made by developers from all around the world, some of the extensions are for free and some are paid downloads only.

Every website needs a site map the site map tells Google bots that are visiting your website how the menu items and content are structured, J Sitemap is one site map generator we recommend, and the extension has many other uses, you can add meta descriptions and tittles all with in the extension, keep track of google analytics see your Alexa rank and keep track of indexed links with in your website.

Page builders are a very useful extension, we have used sp page builder in the past, they allow novice website builders to structure web pages with out any coding knowledge, you can add rows and colums in many variations then drag them around to reorder on the web page, add modules to any positions, add text and h1 tags, and you can add meta descriptions for better seo all from within the extension.

Editors, Joomla installations come with the code mirror and TinyMCE editors these type of editors are very limited in there functionality, fortunately there are a few great, third party editors available and JCE editor seems to be very popular, these editors allow you to insert modules and images into articles, you can also insert iframes and html code athough you need to reset the options to allow iframes and code or the editor will strip them out when you save the article.

Sucurity, there are numerous extensions and plugins available for content management systems, we have used RS Firewall in the past, to stop repeated attempts at accessing the back end of your website and guessing your login details, these extensions will block ip adresses that continually try to login, and some will block malware and viruses as well, with so many hackers present now all over the world you need some type of security installed on your site.

Website back up is very important for many reasons, if something goes wrong and you lose your site you need to restore from a backup, your hosting provider may back up automaticly for you but you still need your own backup, usually this is done through your cpanal, but there are extensions available like Akeeba Backup so you can back up your website through the back end, these are very handy when you are writing articles as you just back up when finished and download the file to your pc.

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