Need A Fast Joomla Website

Joomla is a great content management system straight out of the box, however there are numerous tweaks you can make to get a faster Joomla website and the faster you can get Joomla to load your website pages the better experience your website visitors will have, no one will wait around while the little circle goes round and round in there browser, the average visitor will only wait around two seconds before they leave your website if your pages load to slowly and they may never return again and for business websites this is not going to get you new customers. 

The most important consideration for a fast website would be your web hosting provider and more importantly the type of hosting plan you choose, while shared hosting is the most cost effective it is not suitable for business websites or websites with a large traffic flow, these type of websites require VPS hosting, cloud hosting or a dedicated server to effectively serve your website pages at the optimal speed, so doing a bit of home work before you purchase your hosting plan can help provide a faster website for your visitors. 

The next steps in acquiring a faster Joomla website would be a few common tweaks to the Joomla settings, under system, global configuration, sytem you will find the Joomla cache settings set cache to, on conservative caching, and leave the other setting as they are, this will serve pre generated pages to your visitors instead of pulling the information from the database speeding up your page load time, the pages are refreshed every 15 minutes on the  stanard setting, under system global configuration, server turn on Gzip page compression this will compress your pages to a zip file before it is sent to the browser helping to speed up your page loads. 

Make use of a content delivery network, some hosting providers have an integrated CDN with Cloudflare, the content delivery network stores your website pages on servers located all around the globe, when a page is requested from a certain part of the world the content delivery network serves the requested page from a server nearest to the visitor that requested the page instead of from your hosting server that could be on the other side of the globe, a content delivery network will significantly speed up your website. 

Optimize all your website images for serving over the internet they need to be correctly sized before you upload them to your server, an image that is 5 Mega Bytes in size is to large for displaying on any website the same image file reduced to 200 or 300 Kilo Bytes will look just as good but will load alot faster than the large image file, optimize all CSS and Javascript files where possible by compressing them this will help with the number of HTTP requests through the browser helping with page loading times. 

Enable browser caching under Joomla plugins this will store an image of the entire web page in the visitors browser, when they need to return to the same web page in a session, they will be served the cached version of the page, which will be there instantly instead of retrieving from the server, this will enhance your visitors time on your website with out the need to wait for pages to load in there browser, uninstall any extensions that are no longer needed on your website as these unused extensions take up file space on your server, these tweaks by themselves have a small effect on page speed, but when collectively used together will significantly speed up the page loading times. 

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