Pouplar SEO Extensions For Joomnla

There are some great Joomla SEO extensions that can make your website easier to manage, Seo or Search Engine Optimization is one important aspect of any website to get right, and SEO and meta tags together play an active role in moving your website to the front page of the google search results, When performing any Search Engine Optimization on your website the meta information in menu items need to be correctly edited to perform as they should.

On a large website with many menu items this task can be extensive, and this is where SEO extensions can make your life a little easier, they are designed to automate the meta data generation in your menu items, create and insert the open graph data for any social networks that is essential for Facebook Twitter and Google social sharing of your website content, and advanced SEF url management.

One of the best SEO extensions on the market at this time is sh404SEF this extension is very popular and reasonably priced for what it can achive, the best feature of sh404 extension is the ability to rewrite your websites urls, Joomla does have its own sef but sh404 has many more advantages, the extension shortens any long urls and rewrites then to better suit Google and your website viewers, there is Google analytics and Google tag manager incorporated into the extension, and the ability to remove dulicated urls from your site.

EFSEO or Easy Frontend SEO is one other great Joomla extension for SEO, this extension can automatically pre fill all of your meta information like tittle tag, meta description tag and can pull keywords from your content as well, you can also enter all the information manually as well, the best thing is all this information is in one place on one page with in the extension, and you do not need to open each menu item one by one to edit the meta information.

Tag Meta is also a popular SEO extension developed to enhance your websites search results, your websites meta information can be handled from one main control panal in the backend of Joomla, you can control the tittle tag, meta description tag, content rights, meta keywords, and author, there is also the opportuity to add your sites name to the tittle tag and there is global control of all the tags.

JoomSEF the main objective of this SEO extension is to make sure all of your URLs are optimized to be Search Engine Friendly so you can move up the search engine rankings, all of your websites urls need to be Search Engine Friendly for both Google indexing and for your site visitors a hard to remember url is not good for SEO so the extension shortens them to be more effective. the extension also includes the ability to perform 301 redirects and included is a 404 page not found that is fully customized to suit your website.

While not every one likes to use these SEO extensions as sometimes they can cause more harm than good, they do have there place in some website applications, say for exsample where a novice is building there website for the first time and has no idea of SEO and meta tags configurations they can learn from the extension, when you do use these extensions you need to remember that they rewrite your urls so when you keep changing menus etc with in the website you will get 404 pages not found, so once you activate the extension leave it alone particually when the site has been indexed by Google.

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