What Is New In Joomla4

What is new in joomla4Refreshed and refined Site Admin Panel
The best feature that we found is the Admin Panel of Joomla4  the admin dashboard is clean and responsive much less confusing for learners and is very easy to work with regardless of experience with other Joomla versions.
The new dashboard layout is definitely the best focal point of the new Joomla4 version. 
The new dashboard is designed in such a way, so that you can now have full control of all your websites features and resources from your finger tips much more effectivly than previous versions of Joomla.
Improved Search Engine Optimisation For Better Rankings
SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is important for any websites visability and ability to attract new visitors and it's good news that Joomla! 4 will take care of your Search engine optimization needs, the all new Joomla 4 platform will support SEO features to help you improve your websites Search engine optimization, they have included schema markup integration to most Joomla4 page types, the heading structure and metadata etc have all been improved in the new version of Joomla we have provided a guide for Joomla4 quickstart installation.
New Media Manager Layout For Better Control
The new Joomla4 platform allows the main user to better structure the folder system of Joomla websites, you can effectivly manage website files much more easily thean previous versions and also allows the user to apply specific permissions for each user’s role if your website incorporates multiple users, the media manager has been completly re designed in Joomla4 to make the platform much more stable and robust, you will also be able to move and copy files in the Media Manager much more effectivly than previous Joomla versions.
All New Bootstrap 4 And New CSS Framework
Bootstrap4 has now been fully intergrated into the new Joomla4 platform which means that Bootstrap4 can now be used all over the website, not only on the front-end but also in back-end and front-end extensions of your Joomla website. The new Bootstrap4 contains pre-styled components, new content elements and utilities, and flexible new layouts to help and improve the user experience. 
Faster Page Loading For Site Visitors
The all new Joomla4 platform has placed major focus on page loading speeds to better aid your websites visitors and there are major improvements over the previous versions of Joomla, removing previously deprecated functionality of Joomla3 there is a new rewritten plugin system for Joomla4 users which is more effective, and the new Joomla framework can be used in more of Joomlas core components.
jQuery Has removed from Joomlas core
As most Joomla3 users know the old platform was using jQuery in Joomlas core and have noticed that some developers, as well as webmasters were facing many problems and conflicts when using jQuery with plugins and modules on there websites, so Joomla4 has finally removed jQuery dependency in the all new platform.
Much Improved Installation Process For Learners
The installation of Joomla4 has got a completly new look & feel compared to the old Joomla3 installation and also it has become much more easy to follow the installation process, The sample data installation for quickstart packages and multi lanuage installation process has been greatly simplified so that the website user can set up there Joomla website without any magior issues.
Refreshed And Improved Joomla4 Templates
Joomla has built all new templates that are shipped with the new Joomla platform to please there end users, these templates are designed specificaly to work with the new Joomla4 platform and cost nothing as they are incorporated into the files of the Joomla4 download.
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