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Alidropship Wordpress Plugin

Wordpress is one of the most popular content management systems used worldwide to build all types of websites, and a large proportion of these websites are selling products to customers through dropshipping with the Woocommerce plugin.

Previously mentioned in our Woocommerce guide the Alidropship plugin is very popular for dropshipping products through the core Wordpress platform, however adding products directly through Woocommrce is a time consuming process but there a better way to achieve a full catalog of products very easily with the Alidropship Woocommerce plugin.

The Alidropship Woocommerce plugin is designed to fully incorporate with the Wordpress content management system and the Woocommerce plugin and takes care of every aspect of setting up your dropshipping website.

Both Woocommerce and the Alidropship plugin can be added to an existing Wordpress website to add a fully functioning dropshipping business to any blog or personal or business website allowing you to sell products to customers any where on the planet and the process is easy to learn even for beginners to setup the business model is low risk to oprerate. 

We will guide you through the many features that the Alidropship plugin provides for your dropshipping business model, and how these features can turn your Wordpress website into a fully functioning dropshipping store, you can download the Alidropship plugin for $89 which allows for a one domain license and free updates.

How The Alidropship Plugin Works

The plugin provides a convenient and easy way to run a complicated dropshipping website and the installation is just like any other Wordpress plugin requiring one click to install, once the Alidropship plugin is installed you need to connect to a Chrome browser and install the Alidroship extension onto the Chrome browser.

The chrome extension provides a link directly to the Aliexpress website and the plugin will only function with the Chrome browser, login to your website admin panal and click on the Alidropship dashboard here you can import products directly from the Alidropship website at wholesale prices, all you need to do is login or register with Aliexpress and search for products to import.

Once you find a product to import to your website look for the green import button click this button and you have the chance to edit the product description and remove any unwanted images scroll down and hit the import button this will import the product along with all the images and variations directly to the product section of Woocommerce, all you need to do is publish the product to go live on your website.

Once the product is published on your website the plugin will keep the link live to Aliexpress and any updates in the pricing or product availability at Aliexpress will be updated directly and automatically to the product on your website.

Import Reviews

The Alidropship plugin provides the ability to import any reviews that are placed on the Aliexpress website directly to your website and the product there is no visible relation to Aliexpress showing on your website so any products imported look like they are yours providing a very professional look for your customers to browse through.

There are a wide range of addons available from Aliexpress to provide a range of features to help build your brand and awareness of your dropshipping business, these addons add shipping prices to the products professional shopping carts and check outs and a host of features to grow your online business.

Alidropship Features

Notable features of the Alidropship Woocommerce plugin include automatic markup tool for adding your markup on wholesale prices of imported products, single click order placement and payment on the Aliexpress website for products sold on your website, automatic tracking notifications for customer products from departure to delivered to customers address.

Google analytics addon for tracking customer movements through out your dropshipping store this is a great feature allowing you to see which products are popular through out your shop and support for multiple payment gateways for customers to check out.

An abandend cart feature automaticly sends out emails to customers that added a product to there cart then did not fulfil there order this can help with other wise lost sales, you can also collect email lists for marketing purposes.

All products that are imported into your website through the Alidropship plugin are automaticly updated for any price changes or stock availability in real time, allowing the most acurate data 24/7 around the clock

Shipping Addon

Alidropship provide additional addons to enable professional support and guidance for your customers on your dropshipping website, there Alishipping addon provides shipping information and costs for products imported from the Aliexpress website, the plugin offers a range of shipping methods for customers in different countries around the world providing a choice in cost and time delivery options the shipping cost is added on check out along with a tracking code to keep track of delivery. 

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