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Drop Shipping With Oberlo

 Oberlo is a dropshipping App specifically designed to integrate with Shopify, the app is used to import products from the Oberlo marketplace directly into your Shopify store including images and descriptions, dropshipping with Oberlo is very easy to learn, for more information on the  dropshipping model please read dropshipping explained.

The Oberlo browser app takes a lot of the hard work out of setting up your new dropshipping store, the integration between Oberlo and your Shopify store is flawless and makes finding the right products to display and import into your online store so much easier to manage.

To be able to use the Oberlo app and marketplace you first need to open a Shopify account, you can read our Shopify tutorial for more information on how to join, or go directly to the Shopify website and see for yourself they provide a free 14 day trial to road test there dropshipping platform before laying out any money on a Shopify subscription.

There are several ways to get into the dropshipping business model which can be very profitable for online stores, and by using Shopify with the Oberlo marketplace and browser app this is the most convenient and affordable way to achieve this. 

How Oberlo Works

The Oberlo website is a marketplace for product suppliers from all over the globe who join the marketplace as merchants, there products are sorted into various categories that are displayed and searchable through the Oberlo app.

When you join Shopify and have setup your account and online shop you can get access to the Oberlo app, they provide a free starter package, and two pricing levels for there premium packages.

Once you have setup your Oberlo account and linked your Shopify store to Oberlo you can search for the products you want to sell in your store, when you see a product you want to sell you simply click on the plus icon to add the product including images and descriptions to import to your Shopify store.

From the dashboard in your Shopiy account you can sort the products into categories to display them on your shop front, when a customer purchases the product from your store you pay the supplier the wholesale amount for the product and the supplier ships the product out to the customer. 


Oberlo Pricing Packages

 Starter Package

Oberlo provide three levels of pricing for there app, the starter package is provided free with limitations but with enough features to get you started selling online, there is a limit of 500 imported products, you get unlimited monthly product orders, automated pricing through a percentage markup or fixed markup, sales reports, inventory updates and product statistics.

Basic package

The basic package is designed to take your online store to the next level this package is priced at $29.90/month, and includes the all features available with the starter package plus the ability to sell products from mutable suppliers, bulk orders, real time tracking of orders order fulfillment monitoring

Pro Package

The pro package offers advanced functionality over the basic package, this allows a successful online store the ability to scale up the operations of the business by allowing mutable staff accounts within the Oberlo marketplace this allows several operators at one time to run the operations.  


Marketplace Suppliers

One of the most important aspects of a successful dropshipping store is finding reliable suppliers for the products that you want to sell in your store, this is important as a supplier with slow shipping times can hurt your trusted customer base which can in turn affect your income.

The Oberlo marketplace is made up from two categories of suppliers, there are Oberlo suppliers that consist of suppliers that Oberlo checks the operations and warehouses for consistent good business practices so you know you are sourcing from a legitimate vendor.

The second category are verified suppliers, these suppliers are the top level of product suppliers within the Oberlo marketplace, the verified suppliers must have a proven track record and a delivery rate of at least 95% and a dispute rate under 2% the verified suppliers are identified by the verified badge on the marketplace pages, open your online shop today with Shopify and Oberlo

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