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Shopify Tutorial

How To Create An Online Store

Many people dream of running there own online store, you get to work from home at your own pace, work the hours to suit your own schedule and the freedom that comes with being your own boss every day.

Fortunately there is a great solution to your dream, Shopify this online software service is a subscription based solution for all types of online sales, you can setup a store to sell your own manufactured products or setup a cost effective dropshipping store.

In this online tutorial we will guide you through the various steps for signing up for a Shopify account and guide you through the setting procedure for launching your very own Shopify store, you can also read our independent Shopify review.

The time required to setup a basic online store with Shopify will vary depending on your level of knowledge with websites, this tutorial is aimed at beginners and will take around 1.5 to 2 hours to setup a basic shop.  

Sign Up For A Shopify Account

Step one is to visit the website and use the free trial form to register a Shopify account, your free trial will last for 14 days during such time you will have full control of your online shop this gives you time to evaluate the software before purchase. 

Fill in the required details for your account including your email address and you will asked a few questions to evaluate which package is required, which include do you intend to sell your own products, what will you sell etc, once you have completed these details click im done. 

Setting Up Your Online Shop

Once you have signed up for a Shopify free trial and details have been collected you will be redirected to your admin panal, you are now ready to start setting up your very own online shop, the admin panal is where you will customize the shop, upload your products if you are selling your own and setup payments and shipping details. 

Select A Shopify Theme

Time to get started by selecting an appropriate theme that will represent your website, there are free themes and premium Shopify themes available Shopify has there own official theme store or you can purchase a Shopify theme from third party shops like Template monster

The free Shopify themes will have limited functionality while the premium themes will come with a comprehensive range of modifications that will allow you to design the theme to your own specifications, Shopify also have there own in house design team that you can hire to design a unique theme for you.

With any Shopify theme you are selecting from the Shopify store you can preview the the look of the theme by clicking on view demo, this will give you an idea of what your website will look like, when you are satisfied with a theme click the green button and Shopify will confirm that you want to install the theme on your website then click publish.

 Adding Products To The Store

Login to your Shopify account and look for products on the left side of the admin panal, click on products and select add a product now you can complete the details about your new product such as product description, there is also a provision to upload images of your product to the store.

There is an allowance for many images so your customers can view all aspects of the product you are trying to sell to them, once you have provided all the details click on save and your done preview the product on your shop front and make any changes if necessary.

You will need to setup a payment portal for any purchases of your products, setup shipping rules, to ship the product out to your customer, and all this needs to be setup before you go live with your Shopify store, the payment portal will have a fee for each purchase which usually goes to Shopify, tax may also be needed depending on your country or city where you are operating the store from all this is available through your Shopify portal.

Dropshipping With Oberlo

There are many Shopify stores that do not sell there own manufactured products instead they use a method called dropshipping, read our explanation dropshipping explanined, an app dowloaded from the Oberlo marketplace is a browser extension for Google Chrome the app is available through your Shopify account, with the Oberlo app you have access to thousands of products from hundreds of categories that you can import directly into your Shopify store.

The Oberlo app can be used to sell products through your Shopify store, through social media accounts like Facebook or online market places, all you need to do is sell the product and not worry about the shipping to your customer as the suppliers take care of this for you. 

The procedure is quite simple when a customer places an order on your Shopify store they pay a price that you have set for the product, you receive confirmation from the payment provider, you then purchase the product from the supplier at a wholesale rate, the supplier then ships the product out to your customer, the customer receives the product you make a profit on the wholesale price that you paid the supplier.

Test Your Orders System

An absolute necessity is to test the whole system before you go live with your Shopify store, you can test the system through a bogus gateway that Shopify provides, you can access this gateway from your stores admin area click on settings then payments.

Most Shopify stores have a credit card payment system make sure to deactivate this before testing, to access the bogus gateway go to the accept credit cards section in your Shopify portal and click on select a credit card gateway scroll down the list until you see other and select bogus gateway select activate to enable the gateway.

Then procede to your Shopify store and place an order like your any of your customers would through the checkout and enter a false credit card number or you can use your own credit number but you will need to cancel the transaction when you have tested the payment system if all goes well the false transaction will go through and your ready for your customers, Start your free 14 day trial today visit

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