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Search Engine Optimization

On Page Search Engine Optization

Search engine optimization techniques are essential for business owners or any one that is running there own website and loading content into blogs or running product advertising on there site, you need to know at least the basics.

On page SEO is all about optimizing your websites structure which allows your business products or services to be found amongst the hundreds of other products or services online just like yours.

Googles search algorithms are changing all the time and unless your are an seo expert in this field you will never keep up, google sends out bots that are scanning your website continuously looking for new content that makes up your website.

This is basically how your website is ranked, these bots compare your website to hundreds of others with similar content and the best comes out on top.


Keywords for your product or services were the only thing that was important for seo ten years ago webmasters would cram there sites with hundreds of keywords to get a good google ranking, they still are important today but not in the same way, these days content is the king for SEO, this why so many websites are running blogs including ours. 

You need to write interesting articles around the product or service that you are trying to sell to customers, the number one rule is no duplicated content, by copying some ones article they have already published or by placing the same article twice on your website and this means even a paragraph that has been duplicated google bots will pick this up, this act alone will hurt your seo.

The tittle of your article needs to contain your keywords, you need to perform keyword research in order to find the most appropriate keyword for your product or service and the keywords need to be a phrase, for example (web hosting) is a keyword and the tittle would be (who provides the best web hosting service) your keywords or keyword phrase need to be included in the article you are writing, and in the first paragraph and repeated through out the article.

Meta Description

Each article needs a meta description to explain the contents, in the Joomla content management system this is found under publishing on the edit article page, the meta description should explain what the article contents are about and use the keywords of the article in the meta description the meta description is seen on search engine results so is important to get this right.

Your article needs to be captivating to get customers to read your article and to discover what your service or product is about, include links in the article to your product page where your customers can purchase the product, join other blogs or forums and leave the link there in a comment about a related product or service, doing so helps with your seo for your product or service allowing your customers to find you.

Menu items and images on your website also play a key role in SEO, your menu item alias forms part of the url structure so your menu item should contain keywords that are relevent to the page it links to and any images on the page need the ALT tag to include a breif description of the image.

Seo solution that handles all aspects of on page search engine optimization for your business or personal website check out Seo Powersuite

Off Page Search Engine Optimization

 With off page search engine optimization it is all about marketing your website to potential visitors and this can be achieved by various means like using social media accounts, content marketing, guest blogging and posting articles on other websites with similar content to your own with a link back to the relevant article on your own website.

One off the most effective tactics for off page search engine optimization is link building, what you need is high quality content on your own website that people will want to share via linking your websites content on there website.

This seo tecnique is called back linking, with these back links search engines like Google will see your website as important and informative and will increase your global ranking.

Social Media

Social media is one of the most effective ways to increase the awareness of your own website and like it or not Face Book is one of the best social media sites to start with.

Starting a Facebook business page only takes a few minutes to complete and include a description of the page so your visitors know what the page is all about and a website link back to your home page.

The great thing about social media is the ability to share post links so write short articles about your business or website content and include hash tags to the post that are relevant to your post, adding hash tags significantly increases the chances of people sharing your post with others.

Twitter and Instagram are also great social media platforms, more so for business websites the idea is to get a following of people that are interested in your business then you can use the platform to let them know of new products or services as they roll out.

With popular social media platforms like face book you can run advertising on your account, this is a great way to target people that are looking for what you can provide to them and at a price that you can afford with a Face Book page you can create a brand to influence the people that matter the most.

Guest blogging and posting articles on similar websites to your own is great for off page search engine optimization find websites that provide the ability to write short articles on various subjects and post the article with a link back to your own website, you need to be careful though as to not spam on other websites, online forums are great for guest blogging as you can include your website link in your profile if they allow.

Off page search engine optimization will not be as effective unless your website content is of high quality and relevant to the subject that you choose, you need this high quality content to present to your website visitors once you get them on your website through off page search engine optimization techniques.

These two search engine optimization techniques work great together and are two very important factors to achieve a good Google ranking and this will increase your websites traffic over time which will benifit your website or business.

One fantastic tool to aid in marketing and off page seo for your website and researching your competitors is SEMRush.

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