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A2 Hosting Wordpress Specialist's

Designing your own website starts with a quality wordpress hosting provider, a domain name and a content management system like Wordpress, we will introduce you to A2Hosting our recommended hosting provider.

A2Hosting are proven leaders in web hosting services and we will guide you through the process of setting up a A2 hosting account and show you how to create a website with Wordpress.

A2 Hosting have been around since 2001, they offer great customer support and cost effective hosting plans, A2 Hosting offer blazing fast webhosting services with amazing uptime and great solutions for your website plans.

A2Hosting are globally based with data centres located in the United States Michigan and one in Arizona, Europe is covered with a database located in Amsterdam and also one located in Singapore.

A2 Hosting offer a number of interesting features on there cpanal for example, they provide multiple versions of PHP, along with an easy to use PHP version switcher, so you can change the PHP version used on your hosting account without the need to ask support to get involved the process is as easy as selecting the version required and set as current, this will set the PHP version for all websites on your hosting account check out  A2Hosting Wordpress Plans.

Fantastic Customer Support

A2Hosting customer support features are provided with phone contact, live online chat, and ticketing support. they provide six different telephone numbers for different locations around the world,and you can also contact the team on Skype, which is great if you're outside there main area.

With more than 10 years of experience in webhosting services worldwide, using SSD drives and additional fine tuning of their software and hardware inhouse, A2 Hosting offers some of the fastest shared, reseller and VPS hosting solutions to there customers.

A2Hosting provide an easy to use CPanal for there lower priced hosting plans the CPanal makes organizing your website alot easier, you can upload files to your account, manage your websites email accounts and much more. 

A2Hosting Plans 

There Platinum reseller account is priced at $40.91/month and includes hosting for one hundred accounts, 200GB of storage on the disk, 2000GB of data transfer per month and a host of other features that are available with there reseller accounts. 

A2 Hosting offers shared packages on Cloud, Linux or Windows. Customers can create their own site by hand, or install a one-click package with Softaculous. On sign-up, you can also choose from datacenters in the USA, Europe, or Asia. 

A2Hosting provide shared hosting plans starting at $3.92/month which includes unlimited data storage and unlimited transfer cpanal is also included this plan is ideal for small blogs and personal or general interest websites.

For small to medium sized businesses that need reliable web hosting they offer a VPS hosting plan starting at $5.00/month which is much cheaper than there competitors offer for VPS hosting. There dedicated servers start at $99.59/month which is on par with other dedicated hosting plans from other companies check out A2Hosting Tailored Wordpress plans.

By far the most popular shared hosting plan is there Turbo Boost plan these servers are up to 20x faster than conventional shared hosting servers with free SSL certificate unlimited websites, SSD storage and a host of other features to get you online.

What this means for you are much faster page loading times for your website and combined with the A2 Optimized plugin for both Wordpress and Joomla websites which provides you with turbo cache you will have a much more user friendly website.

What Stands Out With A2 Hosting

• A2 Hosting provide a wide range of web hosting plans tailored for all types of personal or business websites so there will always be a plan suitable for everyone. 

• All hosting plans allow a free connection to Cloud Flare, a content delivery network that stores your websites files in servers all over the globe allowing fast retrieval for your website files to your visitors this dramatically speeds up your website. 

All of A2 Hosting plans are provided with a free SSL Certificate as standard, this SSL certificate provides added security to your website and builds confidence with your visitors that there information is secure.

If your website is already hosted on a competitors server, A2 Hosting provide a free and easy website migration service to get you up and running on your new A2 Hosting server.

• A2 Hosting provide fast and reliable SSD drives for there servers allowing fast response times, this decreases the time your visitors need to wait for your website to load in there browser.

A free plugin is provided with all A2 Hosting plans that can dramaticly speed up any website, the A2 Optimized Plugin is designed to be used with Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, PretaShop and Opencart, the plugin is easy to install from the CPanal and provides optimized Turbo Cache and Memcached to increase the performance of your website.