Setting Up A Business Website

Create your own business website with the Wordpress content mangement system 

Business HostingOwning and running your own business is alot of hard work and to make the business successful in today's busy world your business needs a way to reach people and customers and the best way to achieve this is through a business website.

Depending on what type of business your are running and your budget, there are several different approaches that you can take to setup a business website each one has there advantages and disadvantages.

For small to medium sized businesses providing a service to customers setting up your own business website is very achievable and the best way is through a content management system like Wordpress.

For a corporation or large international business you need to approach a web designer, large business and corporate websites can be very complected to setup and maintain and need the experience of a dedicated team of web design experts to provide the best services for your customers.

Web Hosting For Businesses

Business web hosting is very important for the success of your business website, you need a fast reliable hosting service that you can depend on and trust, the nature of your business will determine which type of hosting package to go with.

For a small static business website that is only displaying a service and contact details where you travel to your customers, like a tradesman a top quaility shared hosting plan is all you may need as you do not need a large amount of resources or features, we recommend A2 Hosting shared Plans with four fantastic plans to choose from.

For medium sized business websites that need more resources and features like multiable email accounts, faster page loading speeds and more security a VPS hosting service like A2 Hosting VPS Plans, would be the best choice, a top quality VPS service would be ideal for accounting businesses, small online shops, forums, large blogs and a host of other medium sized business websites.

When you have a busy business you may need to look at managed hosting you will get all the speed you need and will handle a large amount of traffic, but you will not need to manage your hosting account. 

For online business websites that are considering selling or streaming live video or images over the internet there are a whole bunch of other options that are required that the usual hosting plans do not offer.

Corporations and large business websites would need to look at a top level dedicated hosting service that provides 24/7 customer support large bandwidth for high traffic flows and large data storage, a dedicated server will give your business website all the resources, features and security needed to reach your customers. 

Create Your Own Business Website

Learn how to create a business website with Wordpress

Small Business Website

Creating your own small business website will attract more visitors to your business

Small business websiteOwning and running a small business can be tough in today's world and the first asset you really need is a website for your small business to help attract more customers to your business location.

You could hire an expensive web designer to build the website for you or you could create your own business website with the Wordpress content management system and there are two ways to achieve this.

The least expensive option is to install Wordpress automatically when you sign up for your web hosting account, if you choose to use A2 Hosting the process is very easy and only takes around three minutes.

The down side is you only get a very basic website with little content and you need to build the website blind when you have little to no experience with the Wordpress content management system. 

The second option is to install a Wordpress quick start package we thoroughly recommend searching through Template Monster for an appropriate theme to represent your business, they stock thousands of Wordpress packages for all types of businesses.

The biggest advantage for choosing a Wordpress quick start package is that you get a turn key website right from the start, the content is already populated with images and text you just replace the content with your own this is a great way to learn Wordpress and how it all comes together.

Create An Online Shop

Opening your own online shop can be a great experience and there are several solutions available

Online ShopDropshipping With Shopify

Dropshipping is fast becoming a popular way to sell products online and a great way to setup your own online business, this is achived through a Shopify account and there partners Oberlo which are a market place for suppliers.

With dropshipping you do not actually handle any products so the setup time and expense is very minimal for a new business, you setup your Shopify account and link to Oberlo through a browser app search for the products you want to sell and import the image and description to your Shopify store, for a more detailed explanation of dropshipping.

When a customer purchases a product from your store you pay the supplier wholesale prices, and they ship the product to your customer you make your money on the markup that you set on the product this type of business is very easy to run but needs alot of time to market your business website.

Businesses wanting to sell your own products online we would highly recommend the Shopify platform this is specificaly desined for selling products online you can sell your own products through your own shop front as well as promote your products on Amazon through the Amazon sales channel.

 Dropshipping With Woocommerce

Woocommerce is a Wordpress plugin that enables you to drop ship products directly from your Wordpress website enabling you to open your very own online shop the products are imported from Aliexpress with the aid of an aliexpress product importer plugin.

With Wordpress you have many options to install plugins to handle the shop front, payment portals, customer support and many other features that are ofthen required to run an online shop effectivly.

The most effective solution for drop shipping with Wordpress and Woocommerce is to select a quickstart package these packages are pre made Wordpress websites with all the plugins need to get started with drop shipping, our recommendation is Template Monster, view there extensive range of Woocommerce themes

To install a Wordpress quick start package you will need to do a manual installation of the theme on your web hosting server for more details on a manual installation please read our Wordpress installation guide