How To Start Blogging With Wordpress

There are four requirements needed to start your own blog a great idea, reliable web hosting, wordpress and a great domain name

Website Design Ideas

An Idea

Your blog should be about something that is your passion, hobby or interests that you have knowelede in

Web Hosting

Web Hosting

To start your new blogging website reliable web hosting is required to be able to create your website

Blogging Where To Start

Blogging Platform

The most popular platform for blogging is the Wordpress content management system

Domain Name

Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name for your blog requires some thought and will ensure online sucess

Blogging With WordPress

Blogging with Wordpress can be so much fun and is a great way to share your hobby or personal interests with other like minded people from around the world, and the process of setting up a blog online is made very easy with Wordpress.

Why choose Wordpress as a blogging platform, there are several reasons we recommend Wordpress as a blogging platform, there are loads of plugins available tailored for blogging websites.

There are hundreds of blogging themes available to customize your blog, and you can expand with an online store or forum when the blog gets popular.

The first step needed to start blogging with wordpress is an appropriate domain name, the domain name should best describe what your blog is about, and reliable web hosting to display your website online.

For reliability we recommend A2 Hosting wordpress plan tailored for the content management system and you will be assured of great customer service and all the features and resources to get you started on your new blog.

The Wordpress content management system is popular the world over and there are numerous popular and very successful blog websites built on the Wordpress platform, if you have not already installed Wordpress or need to know how to install Wordpress check our easy Wordpress installation guide to get you started create a website with wordpress.

Once you have Wordpress installed and all your settings configured for your new Wordpress blog login to the dashboard and search themes for an appropriate theme for your blog you can change the theme at a later date should you not like the one installed, there are free themes available through the Wordpress dashboard or you can find one through a third party theme store like Template Monster, premium themes usually provide more scope for developing a better website than the basic free themes.

Now that you have a Wordpress theme sorted you start installing any Wordpress plugins that may you may need, the plugins are not essential but there are some that can help with search engine optimization, blog layouts, editing of text and images and website security, just click on plugins from your Wordpress dashboard and select ones you may need.

Plugins that we would recommend would be a security plugin like Akismet that stops spam on Wordpess sites, social sharing plugin like addthis, google analytic plugin to monitor website traffic and a search engine optimization plugin like Yoast to manage meta tags like descriptions and headings for blog posts, as we mentioned these plugins can help with management of your website but are not essential.

How To Start Blogging

How to start blogging, the most important component in any blog website is the content or blog posts, you need to write posts on a subject that you are comfortable with and posses some knowledge of the subject.

The most important reminder is do not copy other peoples posts to your website, this will not help at all your content needs to be unique and original or you will not be of any benefit to you.

Post Category The first step is to create a new category go to posts in the Wordpress dashboard and in the drop down select categories, new category name the category and click on save you now have category to place the new post to.

Post Tittle To get started with your first blog post login to your Wordpress dashboard and click on posts then add new a new window will open with a text editor, the first step is to create a tittle for the post which needs to express what is in the content of the post to entice visitors to start reading and include a keyword in the post for SEO purposes.

How To Start Blogging

Post Content Next is the post or blog content which needs to be helpful to the reader and informative at the same time but keep it simple without to many words people will not understand also add prime keywords through out the post and make them bold and stand out this also helps with search engine optimization.

Post Image Add an image to the post to help with visual appearance and be sure to add the alt tag to the image which is another keyword for the post and needs to explain in a short sentence what the post is about, readers can not see the alt tag but Google bots can which again is helpful for search engine optimization.

When you have your post tittle and post content sorted use the spell check in the editor to check for any spelling mistakes through the post and when all has been checked click on the publish button to publish the post on your website, a good idea when writing a long post is to periodically save the post in the editor so you do not lose your work, so why not start your own blogging website today.

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