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shared web hosting, vps or dedicated server

The three tiers of web hosting servers provide features and resources that are tailored for every type of website

Shared Web Hosting

Shared hosting services are the most cost effective and the most popular type of web hosting service available, shared hosting is suitable for personal websites and start up websites with a small to moderate traffic flow and want the best price that you can afford.

The websites are separated from one another by allotting an independent section on the server, each website gets its own partitioned space just like your pc and there is very little chance of mixing the data between other websites. 

Shared hosting services are provided by most of the web hosting providers world wide, and because the web server maintenance costs are shared equally between all the users on the shared server, the shared service provides a very reasonable price for there hosting plans but performance and page loading speeds are slower than the higher hosting services.

Affordable Shared Web Hosting

The speed of the web server's connection is one of the main factors that determine the speed at which your web pages load. That's why it is crucial to choose a quality web host that offer a reliable and dependable connection. The speed of the shared web hosting servers can even influence your Google rankings when the speed is to slow your visitors will go else where.

Most of the web hosts offer a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days time if you are not happy with there service, so you don't need to stick with a bad service provider. If you do not like the features from the provider you can get your money back and choose some other web host that suits your needs mush better. we recommend A2 Hosting Shared Plans 

Shared web hosting plans are ideal for start up websites, small and large personal websites, community based web sites and online blog websites.

Virtual Private Server, VPS

Virtual Private Server VPS Hosting

Do you own a business, a popular blog with increasing visitor numbers or an online forum with thousands of members, then you will be looking for a great VPS hosting plan.

 A Virtual Private Server is the next step up with a greater performance increase than shared hosting and better reliability, the VPS server is divided up into separate virtual machines.

Each website runs independent with out interference from other websites, providing a more stable hosting environment and allowing an increase in traffic through the site this separation also increases the websites security.

VPS hosting plans are available in both managed and self managed, the managed as the name implies are set up ready to go by Hosting technicians, self managed you need to set up the software and server etc your self this is great if you know what to do, if not you need to purchase the managed plans.

 This could be best described like buying a new computer already to plug and play verses buying all the components your self then building and programing the new computer, a VPS server will give you a good balance between the slower shared hosting and the more expensive dedicated servers. We recommend A2 Hosting VPS Plans

VPS hosting is suitable for business websites, online forum websites, large blogs and small to medium sized online shops, you get more security and performance than shared hosting.

Web Hosting Terminology

A good understanding of web hosting terminology will help you create your dream website

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated hosting services allows you to lease or rent the entire web server from the hosting company and so you can make use of the resources associated with that server, no other customer will be using your resources.

Dedicated sever hosting are the ideal option for large business and corporate websites that need more reliability, security and greater control.

Dedicated hosting services are much more reliable than any of the other hosting services, as you are not sharing the same resources of the web server like processor power, disk space and memory with anyone else and the speed and efficiency of a dedicated server will be the best.

By opting for a dedicated hosting service you are relieved from the server being slowed down as no one else is using your server, you will have very little if any downtime as the dedicated server is less susceptible to overuse.You usually get the best customer support by using a dedicated hosting service that is offered by a reliable provider.

Some hosts offer you a personalized customer support service, which allows you get help fast when any problems arise.You can contact the customer support representative of the web host 24/7. Live chat support, email support and phone support are usually offered by most of the reliable web hosting companies. Dedicated hosting services are the best option for large websites with high traffic flowing through, you can have greater flexibility when choosing a dedicated hosting service we recommend A2 Hosting dedicated server.

Dedicated servers are best suited to large businesses and corporate websites, large eCommerce websites and industry professionals, a dedicated server is the most secure type of hosting service available.