SEMRush SEO And Competitor Research

semrush seo and competitor researchSEMRush is a powerful online tool for search engine optimization and competitor research, there tools are designed for competitor analysis which businesses need to get an edge on there competitors and there plans also include a marketing suite and various other tools to help your website thrive in a competitive environment.

SEO or search engine optimization is very important for any website and SEMRush provide essential tools to help you rank better for any keywords, there advanced keyword research tool enables you to gather keywords and phrases that will help you to target the right audience, you can also gather your competitors keywords to see what they are using to give your website an edge over your competitors.

Along with the keyword tool there are various other tools for keyword research like a complete website audit which analysis your keyword density through out your website to better optimize your content, organic keyword research is also included as well as PPC advertising insight to gather the best keywords for advertising.

 SEMRush provide a domain overview tool which gives you an insight into your competitors or any other websites strengths and weaknesses, you can see there organic search traffic numbers, there top performing organic keywords, the amount of back links linking to there website and there key competitors.

Your business or website maybe new and you have no idea who your competitors are with SEMRush you can use there domain overview tool and keyword research to find other businesses or websites that are competing with you for specific keywords this is very helpful to see if you will gain any ranking due to how competitive a choosen keyword will be.

Once you find your competitors top keywords you can indulge further into which keywords are driving the most traffic to your competitors website, and where the keywords rank within Googles search results, this will help you determine which keywords to use on your own website to get a better Google ranking.

 SEMRush provide a free 14 day trial which includes all the available tools in the pro version so that you can see for yourself all the advantages of a subscription will bring, there are three pricing levels starting with the pro plan at $99/month which is ideal for startup websites, freelancers and webmasters with a limited budget.   

The next pricing level is the Guru plan at $199/month with this plan you get branded reports and historical data this plan is ideal for marketing agencies so there customers can view how well the agency is working with there business marking. 

There highest pricing plan at $399/month is aimed at businesses to gain an insight into there own business as well as there competitors businesses you get white label reports, API access and extended limits, great for any business worldwide, check them out today SEMRush.

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