Website Backup And Restore

Wordpress Website BackupWebsite backup is sometimes over looked by many webmasters and is an important step every webmaster should be taking particularly with websites that have new content added on a daily or weekly basis.

All the top web hosting providers have an option to back up your website automatically but this service has limits if your data is over a certain limit say you have several websites on one account they may not be backed up so you cannot rely on automated back up alone.

There are two ways you can effectively back a website the incorrect way is using a component like Akeeba Backup that takes a back up on command and stores the data in a zip file this zip file can be downloaded and stored for restoring your website at a later time.

Cpanal File Backup

The correct way to back up your website is through your cpanal, log into cpanal and go to the public html folder of the website you want to back up, at the top of your screen tick the box select all, then click on compress and select zip archive, click compress files at the base of the popup box, the zip file can now be downloaded and stored in a safe place.

phpmyadmin Database Backup

The next step requires a back up of your data base to achieve this go to cpanal then phpmyadmin on the left hand side of the page select the data base to back up this opens a new page displaying your data base tables.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and tick the box check all this high lites all the tables, you need to be very careful with the next step, next to the check all box select from the drop down export, the tables will be exported as a sql file, click on go and the file will be automatically download to your computer store this file with the zip folder you downloaded from the public html folder. 

Restoring The Public Html And Database

Restoring the backup files to the public html folder and the sql file to the database is a fairly easy task, log into cpanal and go to the file manager then the public html folder of the website to be restored at the top of the page click on upload select the zip file from your computer wait for the file to upload then return to the public html folder, right click the zip file and select uncompress once the file has finished un zipping delete the zip file.

The next step requires restoring the database in phpmyadmin, select the database that needs restoring on the left hand side then at the very top of the screen select import, choose file and select the sql file stored on your computer, this will automatically upload the file to the database and overwrite what is already there you should now be able to view your restored website. 

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