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Create A Website For A BusinessSetting Up A Business Website

Owning and running your own business is alot of hard work and to make the business successful in today's busy world your business needs a way to reach people and customers and the best way to achieve this is through a business website.

Depending on what type of business your are running and your budget, there are several different approaches that you can take to setup a business website each one has there advantages and disadvantages.

For a corporation or large business you need to approach a web designer, large business and corporate websites can be very complected to setup and maintain and need the experience of a dedicated team of web design experts to provide the best services for your customers.

For small to medium sized businesses that are providing a service to there customers and not selling any products online setting up your own website is very achievable and the best way is through a content management system like Wordpress. 

Wordpress Business Website

 Setting up a Wordpress business website is very easy, the first step is to find a suitable web hosting provider and register a business domain name our recommendation is Siteground, you get a free domain name with any of there web hosting plans, and easy one click install of Wordpress content management system, you can read our step by step guide for setting up a Siteground account to get you started.

Wordpress is a free content management system which is great as installing Wordpress will cost you nothing, you only pay for the web hosting service to host your business website, installing Wordpress is automated through your Siteground admin panal please read our easy to follow guide for installing the Wordpress content management system create a website with Wordpress

Creating your own business website through a content management system like Wordpress is made easy by the use of themes and plugins, a theme manages the layout and appearance of your business website and can be changed multiple  times just by installing a new theme the best place to purchase Wordpress themes is from Template Monster they provide a huge range of quality Wordpress themes

Wordpress plugins provide functionality to your business website you can add contact pages for customers to contact your business, add website security, manage your business websites search engine optimization through SEO plugins there are free plugins as well as premium plugins available from third party plugin providers. 

Joomla Business Website

Another option is to create a business website with the Joomla content management system, all though not as popular as the main stream Wordpress platform Joomla offers far more scope for a more higher specked website than Wordpress can provide. 

The Joomla content management system can more difficult to learn and takes time to master correctly for a novice but the rewards can be far greater in terms of flexibility and available features and resources to build a more complex business website, if you would like to build a Joomla business website please read our guide create a website with Joomla

Selling Online

For businesses wanting to sell products online there are several methods available, you can setup your online shop through Wordpress as we have mentioned above by using the appropriate plugins that are available for this purpose.

These are usually premium plugins and you can setup payment portals, a visual shop front to display your products, and use marketing plugins to promote your website however this is for experienced webmasters and not for novices as the website can get very complicated to maintain.

A great alternative for online shops that we can highly recomened is the Shopify platform this is specificaly desined for selling products online you can sell your own products through your own shop front as well as promote your products on Amazon through the Amazon sales channel.


Dropshipping is fast becoming a popular way to sell products online and a great way to setup your own online business, this is achived through a Shopify account and there partners Oberlo which are a market place for suppliers.

With dropshipping you do not actually handle any products so the setup time and expense is very minimal for a new business, you setup your Shopify account and link to Oberlo through a browser app search for the products you want to sell and import the image and description to your Shopify store, for a more detailed explanation of dropshipping.

When a customer purchases a product from your store you pay the supplier wholesale prices, and they ship the product to your customer you make your money on the markup that you set on the product this type of business is very easy to run but needs alot of time to market your business website.


One other option for setting up your business website is a site builder like Weebly, they are a one stop shop for web hosting domain name selection and provide a drag and drop website builder integrated into one easy to use interface for a more deatailed explanaion read our Weebly review.

While not suitable for all types of business websites weebly provide all the necessary features and resources for novices and seasoned webmasters to get there small to medium sized business website up and running with little fuss, you can also build a quality online store to sell products with Weebly as well, check them out Weebly site builder