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This guide will show you how to install a Wordpress theme, when your Wordpress website is looking a little outdated or you just need a new look for your Wordpress website it is as easy as just changing the theme of the website to give the site an uplift and a completely new look.
The best place to shop for a new Wordpress Theme is Template Monster with thousands of new themes available to download suitable for every type of Wordpress website they also stock a large number of Wordpress plugins to change the functionality of your website.
To get started login to your Wordpress admin panal, please read our Wordpress installation guide if you have not already installed Wordpress on your domain, once logged in to your admin panal go to Appearence then select Themes.
wordpress themes

Selecting A Wordpress Theme

The next step is to click new if you have not already downloaded a theme from a third party supplier like Template Monster, you can search for a suitable theme through the built in theme directory, select a suitable theme and click install or if you previously download a new theme select upload theme at the top of the page and wait for the installation to process to complete and then click the activate button to activate the theme on your domain.
You should now have a brand new Wordpress website check if the installation has processed completely then visit your domain, one important consideration to remember is to always take a backup of your Wordpress website before installing a new theme.
While the installation does not affect your content it may change the way it looks, when installing a new theme use the preview button before activating the Wordpress Theme this allows you to see what the new theme will do to your websites look.