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Sign Up For A Siteground Account

Learning how to create a website and design a website for your own needs can be very rewarding and the first step is to get a reliable web hosting provider, our recommendation is Siteground they have a proven track record for customer services and provide feature packed shared web hosting plans with all the resources you need to get you started online.

This article will guide you through the process for signing up for a Siteground shared web hosting account and creating your very own wordpress or Joomla website all in a few very easy to follow steps. 

The first step is to visit the Siteground website and select a shared plan that will best suit your websites needs, if you are just starting out with website design we suggest a shared hosting plan with Siteground you get all the resources you need at the best possible price, there are three types of web hosting services available for a more indepth explanation please read our guide web hosting

 When you have decided on the hosting plan you need click on get plan and a new window will open up, the next step is to register a domain name, a domain name is your unique idenity on the internet it is like a phone number that will link to your website.


Domain Name

The domain name you choose will have a big impact on the type of visitors that you will attract to your website, if you are targeting people only in New Zealand then a top level country domain would be your first choice this is or the alternative .nz domain.

Websites that are targeting traffic from countries around the world will require a .com domain name, however trying to get a .com domain that you need will be extremely difficult as the domain extension is the most popular used worldwide.

siteground register domain 

Once you have selected your domain name click on procced and you will be taken to the main Siteground account page here you will need to first enter your email address and password this will be used later to access your account, your password needs to be secure and one that you can remember.

Then enter the required client information for your account, this includes your name and address, the next step is payment information you can use mastercard, visa or other payment methods.


Database Center

The final steps require you to select the database center, for websites targeting your own country use the nearest data center, for websites targeting traffic worldwide select USA or Europe then select the period of your hosting account 12 months or 24 months, and any extras that are required then confirm to there terms and select pay now, you will be sent a confirmation email and a link to your new Siteground hosting account. 


siteground database