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Cloud Hosting Or Dedicated ServerFor many large business websites, eCommerce websites or high traffic websites there are only two hosting options available for you, Cloud hosting or a dedicated server with these type of websites you need the best features and resources to run the website effectively.

There are differences between the two types of hosting services that may or may not benefit your website, a Dedicated server is a physical server dedicated only to your website the resources are not shared with any other website on the server.

Dedicated servers offer the best possible performance of any web hosting type available and also the most secure environment available, for businesses or eCommerce websites requiring a stable and secure environment a dedicated server is defiantly the way to go.

Cloud Hosting is a cluster of virtual servers they can be located around the world or in one country the main advantage of a cloud hosting account over a dedicated server is scalability of resources you only pay for what resources you are using.

Resources can be added to your cloud hosting account any time they are needed, cloud hosting provides a great on demand capability specifically for high traffic websites like eCommerce websites or websites providing online media like live video streaming or downloads.

Both dedicated servers and cloud hosting can be purchased as a fully managed account where your hosting provider takes care of any server updates or software updates and maintains the system for you, we recommend Bluehost for dedicated servers

For websites that are targeting customers world wide and looking for fast page loading speeds cloud hosting is the way to go, with servers located worldwide your websites pages are loaded from the closest server to your customer enabling fantastic loading times with little delay.

A dedicated server is ideal for any business website that is looking for the best possible performance and security and where cost is not an issue, if cost is an issue then a cloud hosting plan may suit you better you will still get great performance but at a more cost effective price than a dedicated server. 

The main advantages of a cloud hosting environment include no hardware to maintain or purchase, unlimited scaling of resources, unlimited disk space scaling. you pay only for what resources you actually use, resilience and redundancy. 
The main advantages of a dedicated server include full control of the hosting environment, high website security, high performance of the available resources, features that are optimized for running your website more effectively.