Looking to refresh or start new select a website from thousands of stunning Wordpress Themes 

The True Cost Of Owning A WebsiteAre you planning on starting a new website, there are many considerations to think about before you start and the over all cost of owning a website and running the website through out the year is one consideration you need to think about.

You also need to speculate on the amount of traffic your website is expected to attract, the type of content that your website will be presenting to your visitors.

Are you selling products online through a eCommerce type store that needs check outs and shipping, all these considerations will affect the final operating cost of your new website.

The first investment that you need to make and an important consideration for the success of your website is a domain name, your domain name needs to reflect the nature of your content or website theme.

The domain name needs to be as short as possible, a new domain name picked by your self from the domain register will set you back around $15/month to $35/month dollars depending on where you buy the domain.

For a domain that is onsale through an auction website may cost you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars as investors mark up the popular domain names and place them for sale through the domain auction websites.

The biggest cost is going to be the design of your website and this will be the largest cost of all depending which option you choose, you can use the built in site builders that come with most hosting plans, these are drag and drop website builders and for the most part are not an effective way to build your website.

They will never have much benefit for any design features, a cost effective alternative to employing a web designer which can set you back thousands of dollars, is to find a suitable quick start template or theme these are ready made websites you just replace the content with your own and they can look fantastic. 

Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be a very costly option, more so for large websites like an online store or a large corporate website, SEO is not a one off investment in cost, it is a recurring cost each month that is vital to many types of business websites, the cost depending on the company you decide to use and the size and complexity of your website can range from $100/month up to thousands of dollars per month for large websites, SEO is essential to move up the rankings in Google and be seen on the first page in the search results. 

A cost consideration that most people never think about is how are you going to manage the content of your website, every website needs a blog to not only be indexed by Google for SEO purposes but to also to attract new visitors to your website and keep them returning later on.

The content gives them something to read and also to share on social media websites, if you are a busy business you will not have time to write effective articles, and you will need to employ a content writer at least once a week, a good content writer will charge around $50 to $100 an article so you need to add this to your cost if you are not able to write articles your self. 

The cost of hosting your new website will depend on the nature of your site, for the average small blog, club website or just a general informative website, with a low to medium amount of traffic expected through the website, a shared hosting plan is ideal for you, shared hosting starts at around $3.95/month, offering all the features you need, shared hosting is the most cost effective hosting available, one thing you need to under stand is when your first term is up usualy one year, the cost of your renewal can be up to twice the price as you recieve a discount for the first year, most hosting plans from all of the hosting companies usualy work this way.

Business Hosting

Dedicated hosting can be very expensive but you are paying for the top web hosting service that is available, with a dedicated server working for you, you get your own private server and operating system so you will have fantastic server speed for any large websites.

When you need a reasonbaly priced hosting plan that is suitable for most applications from ECommerce stores through to large online shopping or large businesses, a cloud hosting plan would be great and more cost effective than a dedicated server, cloud hosting utilizes more than one server and could be located in several countries around the world.

One other vital cost for business websites or any website really, is marketing and marketing can be very expensive or can be run on a small budget depending on the exposure that your website needs, for the budget minded the social net working sites like Facebook, Google and Twitter offer a cost effective marketing platform for your website.

For large businesses that want to succeed in there field then you will need to look at advertising with Google adwords or employing a marketing company to do all the advertising for you, trying to put an average cost on any website is imposible as there are so many variations, you need to sit down and work out a budget depending on what you want to achive and what you can afford.