Drive Traffic To Your Website

Building a new website is a tough job when it is your first time, you need to build up the content in your website with interesting articles based on the topic you have choosen and display it in a way to keep your visitors engaged and captivated, but this is the easy part the hard part is to come and that is driving the traffic to your website.

In order to drive more traffic through to your site you first need to ask yourself who your target audience is, you need the traffic for sure but you also need the right people arriving at your website, when you are selling baby clothes online you only want the people interested in buying baby cloths to be driven to your site, not customers looking for baby strollers for example.

Website Content,The key to attracting the right customers is the content of your website, write articles for your blog, on the products that you are selling to your customers, this will create a sense of trust to your customers, let them know all about your products how they were made and where they come from, include the product keywords in the article title and in the article aswell, the search engines will index this information and will be included in search results helping to attract the right customers to your website.

Social media is great for driving traffic to your site on Facebook you can insert links to your articles and write a short description of products that you are selling and include an image as well as a link back to the product on your website, you can use hash tags to increase the visability of your Facebook page, a hash tag looks like this #babyclothes and makes it easier for people to find you, if you have a twitter account also use the hash tags there as well and include links back to your website.

Hosting Services,Finding a quality web hosting provider that offers a fast and reliable hosting platform can help drive quality traffic to your website, you need hosting services that have a high uptime guarantee so your website is always online, if a customer visits your website and the server is down it is highly unlikely that customer will ever return to your website again.

Product Reviews,Allow your customers to leave reviews on products or services that you are selling preferably on the product page, this will not drive traffic but when someone does find your website while searching for the product, this will give them something to read and keep them engaged hopefully allowing a sale to be made, and also include social media share links on your product pages to allow the sharing of the page this will help with driving more customers and traffic to you.

Payed advertising is a sure way to drive more traffic through to your website, but you need to monitor how the advertising is going and if you are getting the conversions, most of the social networks offer payed advertising, but Google offer the best as you will be guaranteed to get on the first page for your keywords, if you spend say $500/month and the results show you are earning $700 $800 more per month with the advertising then the effort and expense is worth it.

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