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History Of The World Wide Web In the time line of communication history the internet has only been around for a very short time, we can not even imagine what the world would be like today if the internet and the World Wide Web had not came along, just about every concivable transaction, sale, advertising promotions are all through the medium of the internet, the internet now controls the lives of a lot of people from all over the world, imagine life with out emails in todays business world.

Travel back in time to the mid to late 1980s and a man named Tim Berners Lee, this man had a vision of a global linked system to join a group of computers together that could communicate with each other, Tim Berners Lee wrote the first ever web browser while employed at Cern in Switzerland the web browser was released out side of Cern in 1991 and later on in that year the browser was released to the public.  

During the early 1990s HTML Hypertext Markup Language, and HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol, were already in development, and as we know today these two form a very important part in both web development and the Internet as both are used every where, the development of the World Wide Web took leaps and bounds for the next few years as new information came to light, by 1994 there were still only a handful of websites in existence all over the world.

By 1996 there were three continental sites located around the world the third one located in japan these three sites were all communicating with each other with the language and browser that Tim Berners Lee had established, and more or less as computors communicate with each other today, and by 1997 the World Wide Web was born, the ongoing development by a small group of people saw a huge leap in technology and web development and by 1999 computors were being built all around the world.

Today there is still new technology emerging all the time in both products and in communication technology, and as you know a computer you buy today will be scrap in five years time, the advancements in computer components move so fast that products are virtually out dated when they arrive in the shop, todays computers are so much more advanced today than they were back in1990 and with the advancement of fiber optics to convey all that information around the world the World Wide Web just keeps growing and growing.