How To Setup A Database

Creating a new website requires a new database and user the database is used to store all your websites file and the user is required to access the database in this guide we will show you how to setup a new database and user.

The first step is to login to your webhosting account and access cpanal if you do not already have web hosting for your website we recommend A2 Hosting they provide web hosting for Wordpress and Joomla websites.


MySQL Database Wizard

mysql database

Once you are in cpanal look for Databases then click on mysql database wizard, enter the database name you require and select next step, now enter a user name and a password which should be a combination of letters and numbers write this information down.


Create Database User

database wizard

Click create user and procced to the next step add user to database, tick the box add all privileges this will add permissions to folders etc, then proceed to the next step this will complete the task and finilise the database creation, you now have a database und connected user for your website. 


Add User To Database

add user to database

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