Looking to refresh or start new select a website from thousands of stunning Wordpress Themes 

For the beginner webmaster it can seem daunting figuring out how to install and maintain your own website, when we built our first blog we had an advantage in learning how to build the site from scratch, a friend gave us access to the back end of a Joomla website that was built by a professional and he was decommissioning the site to build another. 

To have the back end to explore we were able to back engineer how to install templates and plugins how to position modules, and how to use basic html, with out this back end to explore it would of taken years to learn, even when you finally have finished your project and the site is up and runnng there are a few basic rules to adhere to if you do not want problems further down the track.

All ways take a back or make sure you have the latest back up before installing new extensions or plugins, things can go wrong and you may lose access to your websites back end then you will need to restore.

Never ever copy and paste html or text from another website or from any browser while using the internet, you can transfer hidden code easily and introduce this to your website which could cause problems at a later date.

All ways use some sort of security on your website, there are plugins available to lock out certain ip addresses should they continue to try and guess your login details, there are also sites that monitor malware intrusions etc but you normally need to pay for this service, regualy change your username and password.

Never copy somes work when you are running a blog or any other website as this ends up as duplicated content which google bots will not like, if you need to use an image from somes website ask first or at least give them credit for the image and link the image back to thier website.

Never use pirated extensions or plugins not only are you technically stealing some ones hard work, you run a great risk of installing a trogen or some other type of virus that can be hidden in the code of the extension and cripple your website or steal information at a later time. 

Do not pay for backlinks, there are various websites out there where you can purchase backlinks, back links help with your seo as they tell google you are a trusted website, however when you purchase these back links hundreds at a time, you do not know who is linking to you, and this can harm your own google rankings, you need to work at it to get natural back linking to your website.

Do not over use extensions and plugins, sure your wesite may look great, but all these extensions and plugins will slow down your page load time, and start to drive visitors away from your website.

Try and introduce new content each week in the way of articles etc as google likes websites that are displaying new material, which is why alot of websites have blogs and articles also keep your website visitors busy and interested.