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This age old debate has been going on for quite along time now, which is the better operating system for a computer the Mac or Windows based operating systems, both of these operating systems have been around just about as long as the World Wide Web.

Both operating systems are very popular among computer users, there are people who will only use a windows based system and the same with Mac users, they are very staunch to there brand. 

Mac operating system 

The Mac operating system was originally released in 1984 and was based on two other combined operating systems at that time, the system was re branded in 1996 as the Mac operating system, since the origional release there have been many upgrades to the system over the years, every Mac computer purchased has the operating system preinstalled on the machine. 

Windows operating system 

The Windows operating system was first introduced to the public way back in 1985, and there were several different systems that were developed at the same time like Windows NT and Windows server, the Windows operating system quickly became popular with computer users world wide and they dominated the market with over a 90% share in computer sales around the globe.

The best attribute of the Mac computer is that it is more secure than its counter part the Windows system, and this is mainly due to the system being Unix based, this has a few inbuilt security features that help keep the Mac computer secure, and an other fact why the Mac is safer is because the hackers mainly target the Windows based systems and leave the Mac alone, Mac software blocks any downloads that are not digitally signed and approved by Apple, and this stops any malware and viruses from downloading onto the system.

Advantages Disadvantages 

The main advantage in using the Windows computer is that you can very easily customize your whole system, more upgrades are available for windows based systems than is available for the Mac system, and the initial cost of a windows pc is cheaper than that of a Mac system, for the gamer there are a ton of games available for Windows and the components designed for gamers like graphics cards etc are more abundant in the market place.

The Mac operating system can read and open just about any file system that was developed for Windows and they are compatible on local networks with Windows computers, Mac based files cannot be opened on a windows system with out installing extra software, the mac operating system can only work with Intel processors where as Windows is compatible with Intel and AMD processors.

Mac computers are generally regarded as more reliable than Windows based systems, Apple have full control of the hardware and software environment that goes into there computers where as a windows pc can be made from a mix and match of various makes of graphics cards, memory and a host of other hardware and software options, the Mac is generally used in demanding applications like business, video editing and graphics design.