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Managed Or Unmanaged HostingWhen deciding on a hosting plan for your New Zealand website there are a multitude of features that you need to know about, and some important decisions to make right from the start.

Understanding the type of web hosting service that you are about to purchase will save you from potential problems at a later time. 

One of the most important terms to understand is do you pay for a fully managed hosting account or save some money and go with an unmanaged hosting account as there are some major differences between the two types of accounts that are very important to know, and knowing the full facts before you purchase a plan will be of a great advantage.

Managed and unmanaged hosting accounts do not affect the entry level shared hosting plans they only effect some VPS servers and some Dedicated servers, unmanaged accounts are clearly described in the details on purchasing the hosting account.

With a fully managed hosting account, you get a turn key package that is all setup and ready to install your website data on, you get 24/7 customer support for any potential problems that may arise, and with any hosting company there will be at some stage the requirement for you to get help from customer support, you get some sort of CPanal software to run your website from and all the server updates and technology updates are handled by the hosting technicians.

With an unmanaged hosting account, this usually applies to VPS Hosting and Dedicated servers that are purchased as unmanaged, you do not get any customer support at all unless the hosting provider offers support, any problems that arise through your account you need to sort out yourself, the hosting company is only responsible for replacing broken components and maintaining your network so that your server is always online.

Some unmanaged hosting plans do not supply a cpanal or web server software this is entirely up to the customer to provide and install on there server, unmanaged accounts are only for experienced webmasters that know how to setup and run there own accounts, the advantage of an unmanaged server is that you have total control of your hosting environment. 

The idea behind a fully managed hosting account and the unmanaged hosting account is usually having the full control of your server and to a degree the cost of the server to rent, some dedicated servers depending on the plan that you purchase can cost any where from $150 a month up to thousands of dollars a month for a large corporation, so buying an unmanaged account can save you alot of money.

You need to have the knowledge and experience to fully manage your own server, you will only ever buy an unmanaged account when you are an experienced web master that can setup your own server and maintain that server through out the year.

This can take up valuable time that could be spent on other more important issues, other wise you purchase a managed account and pay for some one to maintain the server for you, a good example where you would purchase an unmanaged hosting account would be a large corporation that provides a company technician to setup there server to best suit the companies operations and websites needs.