Looking to refresh or start new select a website from thousands of stunning Wordpress Themes 

Managed Wordpress HostingWordpress is a popular content management system used world wide for many websites from online blogs to business websites, Wordpress is a very easy content management system to learn and this is why it is so popular there are other CMS out there like Joomla but for the beginner website builder Wordpress is the best to start with.

 WordPress is a template based application. You simply choose a theme from the many third party websites that sell them, customize the layout to best suit your website, and that's it the process is very simple to master.

There are a wide variety of plugins, add-ons and widgets available from third party providers to help customize your website, you can use WordPress themes to create just about any type of web site you can imagine. This versatile and easy to manage software is used by website builders all around the world to create e-commerce web sites, social communities online forums and corporate websites.

Wordpress is one of the less complicated content management systems to install, most of the web hosting providers provide a one click install for Wordpress web sites the whole process is automated and only takes a few minutes to get your website live on the internet.

While WPEngine are not the only hosting provider that can host a Wordpress website there entire server setup is only optimized for Wordpress installations so you get the fastest server speed possible for your page loading and all the features available are specifically for Wordpress operation, WPEngine restrict what plugins can be installed on there servers as some plugins slow down the servers, this shows how dedicated they are to presenting your Wordpress website the best way possible.

All of WPEngine hosting plans are fully managed this why we rate there hosting as best for Wordpress installations, if you do not require fully managed servers you can select a plan from Bluehost or for the budget minded select a plan from IPage, these two providers cater for other platforms as well as Wordpress and while they are more cost effective you will not get the same service you would with WPEngine.