Marketing Essentials ECommerce

Online shopping is a very competitive business to be successful in, and competition is high even in the niche online shops, every one is trying to sell there goods to customers all over the world and to be successful in such a competitive industry you need to at the top of your game and marketing for your online shop is going to be your number one priority particularly when you have just started up, as you will have very few customers and no reputation to help your shop gain in popularity.

Right from the start you need to have a plan and you need to achive all this in structured steps as getting it wrong can cost you time and money, the most important step before you spend any money on marketing is to get an SEO expert to optimize your website for Google.

If you are not on the at least the first three pages of Google you most probaly are not going to sell very many products online, most customers searching online for something they need, will only search the first two pages and settle for a vendor from page one or page two.

Your shop needs to incorporate some type of email marketing this is usually in the form of a free gift each month or a free product guide or shopping tips etc, you need to get your customers email addresses by using some type of popup the attracts attention and intices them to leave there email address, once you have there email you can send them monthly or weekly news letters informing them of discounts or special offers and encourage them to share among there friends this is a great way to attract more customers and the cost is next to nothing.

When you are selling any products that need assembling or may need setting up in some way, making instructional videos can be a great marketing strategy, you can play the video on your website and also upload to you tube this type of marketing is also very inexpensive and can help attract more customers to your online shop, and videos are also a great way to entertain your customers when they are visiting your website, the longer you can keep them interested the greater chance that they will buy something from your shop now or some time down the track.

The one most valuable marketing option you absolutely need on your shop website is well written and informative articles, your articles need to be unique and need to be about the products or services that you are selling, instructional articles about getting the most out of your products that you sell or writing interesting reviews about your products will not only entertain your customers while they are visiting your website, articles will also keep them coming back even if they do buy anything on the first visit.

Social media is most probably the greatest marketing strategy for online shops, setting up a Facebook business page will cost you nothing and with over one billion people using Facebook every day there is a huge audience just waiting to view your products online, with payed advertising on social media accounts you can attract a large amount of people to your Facebook page where you can market your products then redirect them to your online shop, where they can browse through the rest of your products that you have for sale.

The most effective and also the most expensive marketing for any online shop has got to be Google adwords, you pick the most effective keywords for your product and pay according to the popularity of the keyword, if the keyword is most popular with other online stores marketing with Google adwords the cost per click will be expensive it is a bit like an auction the keyword goes to the highest bidder, when using Google adwords it really pays to get a professional to manage your account, if you choose the wrong keywords for your advertising it can cost you money with little return, with Google adwords you are just about guaranteed to be on page one for your chosen keyword so the expense can be worth the effort.

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