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Marketing Your WebsiteBuilding your website is a tough and rewarding job and when you are just starting out there are so many things you need to get right in order for your website to go live on the internet.

Apart from adding interesting content for your visitors to enjoy and getting your search engine optimization right so your new website can be found on the search results you really need to market your web site to gain new visitors.

The best place to start promoting your website is Facebook, google or twitter, the only downside with twitter is that you cannot load your articles and content and display the same way you can with facebook and google.

With Facebook set up a separate account from your personal account and only post from your website content do not post any personal content, the same goes with Google Plus set up a brand account and start posting away.

There are endless other opportunities for promoting your website online and most of them are free, search for business directories in your local area if your website is national or search worldwide for free business directories, and place your website in these directories, this will help you as your website link will be placed in their directory giving you a back link this will help with your seo, so the more links to your website the better for you.

Another effective way that is free to promote your website, is to search for other blogs that are similar to your website and post comments or start your own post and include a link to your website that is relevent to the post you are making, online forums are a great option as well, sign up to a forum that has interests like yours and post to the forum and include a link to content on your website, you need to do this with common sence and restrant do not just go posting any where and every where. 

Other social media sites like Stumble Upon and Reddit can be very useful for promoting your website, however with these sites you will only be allowed to post and share your own content for a linited time, when you keep posting from the same url or website they will stop you promoting your website further, untill you send them shares from other sources other tham your own.

There are some great opportunities to promote from paid services, the top would be Google adwords sign up for your Google adwords account, and do some research on keywords, when you have found the keywords you want to use, Google will place them in an ad, this is a great way to get on page one of Google, but it will only last as long as you pay them, facebook and the other social networking sites also provide paid advertising, but this can be expensive in the long run.