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e commerce storesWith the influx of new products arriving on the market for just about every thing you can think of, new E Commerce websites are popping up all over the place and this area of online shopping is a very competitive field, there are online stores for fashion and clothing, online jewelry stores and even fresh and organic online food stores that deliver right to your door.

To be a player in the competitive online sales you need to be at the top of your game, and when you are not selling any goods you are not making any profit, the margins when selling online are usually fairly low and the only way you will make any money is through a large amount of Internet traffic flowing through your online store, for a thousand visitors to your website only a handful will ever make a purchase.  

A big part of obtaining the required traffic through to your website is marketing, you can use facebook and twitter to introduce your products over the social networks, and you really need to pay for the service just placing them on your free social accounts will not amount to much at all, the greatest benefit will be through Google Ad words as Google will place you on page one for there payed service.

Find a reputable and experienced seo expert, your web designer can only do so much for your websites seo, and seo is an ongoing service that you really need, most seo services will charge you for the entire year, as google will change there algorithms frequently, so a one off seo optimization will soon not be as effective for your search results, if no one can find your store in the searches you will never sell any products. 

Trust will play a big part in your on going sales, right from the start you need to start building up the trust you have with your customers, always stand by any warranties that are on your products, have a strong customer support service in place so you can react to any problems as they arise, if you keep a customer waiting to long with out a solution to there problem chances are you will never have a repeat purchase from them.  

Have a rating and review system in place on your store, this will take some time to get the reviews and ratings started, but once under way the reviews will help you sell products if customers can read great reviews about your products and your online services before they purchase, they will have a lot more confidence when parting with there hard earned money. 

Place regular discounts on your most popular products, and let your customers know that they are getting a great deal this is a sure fire way to get repeat purchases, allow free shipping on bundles of items over a certain price, this will also make your customers feel like they are getting a great deal, produce a newsletter for your customers advising them of new products they may be interested in, and also when you are having discounts or online specials on your line of products. 

Always place your known brand products that every one has confidence in buying in well placed areas of your store, these brand products are what will sell before any unknown items, it is great to promote other less known products but do not sell them just because they are cheaper than the brand products, this can back fire on you if the quality is not up to scratch and start to get returns that will cost you time and money. 

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