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Online ShoppingThe internet is great for many reasons and shopping online line is one of them, there are however many pros and cons of shopping online, the internet is a fantastic place to shop as you can search around for online shops that are offering you the products that you need with out even leaving your home.

You can search for the best price on a product and have the product delivered to your door the next day, online shopping can save you alot of time and reduce the stress levels at the same time.

One of the greatest advantages with online shopping is the cost that you the consumer needs to pay, first off you do not need to drive around all over the city trying to find a store that is selling what you neeed, this saves on your fuel bill and your time, the online shops do not usually have the overheads that a retail shop have so they can reduce the price of the goods that they are selling to you, online shopping is a highly competitive business and this drives down the price that is passed on to you as well, so you are saving on your purchase any time that you buy online.

When you are purchasing a product that you are not familier with you can read reviews online about the product that other customers have purchased, and this can give you a good idea about the quality of the product before you buy, you can also read reviews about the online shop before you purchase from them, this will give you an idea of the shops performance and if they look out for there customers when they purchase goods from the shop, shopping online allows you more freedom to make purchases with out aggressive sales people following you around the store and influencing your decision.

Disadvantages of shopping online include the ability to inspect the product before you make a purchase or to try on products like clothing and shoes to ensure that they fit correctly, sometimes when you buy online, products are back ordered and you may not realise this untill the purchase has been submitted then you may need to wait for a few weeks until the shop fills the back orders, when you need to make a return of goods some times the shop can charge you for shipping the product back to them and this will cost you.

Online shops will some times advertise free give aways to attract shoppers to the store, but they will charge you shipping and handling fees on the goods and this is where they make some money on the free product, by charging you the consumer so the free product that they are giving away is not really free anymore, when you shop online you will not get the reassurance from the shop owner on the usefulness of the product or any helpful information on the product that a retail shop can give you, you are some times taking a risk when buying online as you have no idea whether the store is legitimate or a scam out to get your money.

When you are considering to purchase products online there is a necessity to do some research on both the product and the store you are purchasing from before you buy, you need to read and understand the shops policies on returning goods, read the shipping conditions and what they are charging you for when shipping the goods to you, what insurance do they offer when shipping goods to other countries, read the product reviews and make sure that you are buying the goods that suit you and read any customer feed back about the online shop you are buying products from.