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Popular Blogging Platforms For Your WebsiteBlogging is a great way to express your interests and share your knowledge with others who are interested in the same subject, starting an online blog can be a rewarding experience and when done right will attract more visitors to your website.

There are many types of blogs you can start, if you own a business you can write about your products, a traveler can write about there recent travels or you can write about your favorite subjects.

There are many options for blogging platforms available these days, Joomla has its own content management system that is very capable of supporting a blog, and also through Joomla extensions like K2 and other blogging componants like Easy Blog from Stackideas, these blogging extensions can be installed on an existing Joomla website so for small businesses or personal websites this is a great idea as you can keep your existing website and add the blog to it.

Wordpress users can purchase plugins that can transform your Wordpress website into a stunning blogging platform, in fact Wordpress is probably the number one blogging platform out there and is very popular all over the world, for aspiring bloggers that do not have an existing website to run there blog from there are an increasing number of online blogging platforms emerging all around the world these platforms provide the whole package from hosting your website to providing the software to start your own blog from.

Wordpress.org is one such blogging platform not to be confused with the content management system Wordpress.com that is very popular with bloggers you pay a monthly fee, they host your website supply a domain name and provide a huge range of plugins to support your online blog and you can scale up your account with online shops and a host of other features to help your blog grow into the future.

Weebly provides a great platform for building your online blog and like the other two site builders you pay a monthly fee for hosting your website and then select the best features to build your site from, they provide a large range of templates to choose from so for the budding blogger that has little knowledge of how to build there website this is a great platform to choose from, Weebly also provide online shopping platforms so you can open an online shop and incorporate your blog into one website.