SEO Check List

Building your website is only half the battle the next step is to make sure you have all the essentials in place so that your website can be found on the internet and that your website can be indexed by Google.

To achieve this you need to have your SEO checklist in place and go through the entire website and make sure you have every thing optimized to attract new visitors and to improve your Google rankings, search engine optimization is an ongoing process and needs to be tweeked when you add new content or change some thing around.

In the process of building a new website it is easy to have broken links you may of changed a url some where that no longer links to the page that you initially linked to this will now be a broken link these need to be fixed to optimize your website for SEO, internal linking of your web pages is a great idea for SEO if you are quoting an article some where place a link in there to the article in question, and make sure any missing urls return a 404 error message.

Try to incorporate any keywords for your website into the menu items but only target one keyword per page, if you are performing reviews for restaurants in Texas your menu item needs to be Texas restaurant reviews or restaurant reviews in texas, something similar along that line, and try to incorporate the keyword in the first paragraph on the review page, and in other parts of the page if possible, try to use the keywords in your page tittle and meta description as well, these small adjustments all add up to a better SEO package for your website.

All images that you use on your website should incorporate an ALT Tag and contain the keyword that is in use on that page and try to use that ALT for an image only once on your website, if the page is about a certain restaurant review then rename the image you are using for that page to something to do with the review or describes what the image is about it maybe a plate of food etc, the Google robots that crawl your web pages to index them can not see the image but they can read the description or ALT Tag of the image.

Take advantage of Google Webmaster Tools this is a bundle of tools supplied by Google to help with your website rankings and monitoring of your websites visitors, the webmaster tools are free to use all you need to do is sign up for your Google account to use them, and while you are there start a Google plus page to promote your website, Face Book and twitter are also well worth signing up for, the social networking sites will help to spread your content around the internet.

Start a blog this one is vitally important to many businesses any also other types of websites as well, a blog will help two fold, the first is website content when you write an article for public display you can write about your products or services and you can incorporate your keywords in the article tittle and in the article description this will be indexed by Google increasing your SEO advantage, the second advantage of a website blog is to keep your visitors entertained while on your website, an interesting article will keep them on your website and also hopefully get them to return at a later time.

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