Social Media Integration

A great way to attract more visitors to your website is to enable some sort of social media website integration on the site, through social media linking a community forum or to build a social group with other like minded people who are interested in your chosen subject.

There are a ton of components available for Joomla CMS based websites and various plugins available for Wordpress users to build interesting and engaging social platforms. 

For your websites search engine optimization, linking to your Facebook page from your website is a great idea, you can grab the code for this straight from your Facebook page under your settings and copy and paste to your website or use an extension  this will enable your visitors to visit your page directly from your site, and vise versa always make sure your website link is on your Facebook page, you should also do the same for your Google Plus and twitter accounts should you be running these as well.

Building a social community on your website is also a great idea, however there is alot of competition for social communities and getting your visitors to sign up and actually participate in your community is going to be tough, for Joomla users there are some great components available just for you, and most offer a limited but fully functioning social integration extension, and for Wordpress there are some great Forum plugins.

Community Builder is a very popular Joomla social extension, you can download a free version of Community Builder or upgrade to there pro version which will offer you more features, Jomsocial is also a very popular social or community extension that is available, how ever they do not offer a free version but they do offer a demo on there website so that you can try out before you buy, Jomsocial Demonstration both of these Joomla extensions make a very powerful community website.

An other great way to enable the intergration of visitors to your website is to build a forum, and like communities your forum is built around people with a common interest, the competion for online forums is also high so getting your visitors to particapate is also going to be tough, the best of the Joomla based forums is the Kunena forum this is an open source development, the developers are from all around the world and is avilable as a free download.

With any of these social integrations enabled on your website, it is going to add to your website maintenance as you will need to assign a moderator to the community, people are not always going to be sensible in there community posts, so you need a moderator to keep an eye on the posts, and delete any that do not belong there, all these extensions have provisions for a public profile so users can upload a photo, share images and interact with each other which is great for your website. 

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