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AmazonAmazon.com are one of the most recognizable names in online shopping, they are the giant of the online shopping world, first founded way back in 1994 when the Internet as we know it today was only just forming, the company was founded by Jeff Bezos who incorporated the book store that was named Amazon.com that is how they started by selling books online, they later diversified into video downloads, streaming then apparel, furniture, food toys and just about everything else you can buy today online.

Jeff Bezos envisaged an online book shop that was to be the largest book shop in the world and came up with the name Amazon by reading through a dictionary and settled on Amazon from the name of the Amazon river, today Amazon has retail stores in over fifteen different countries around the globe including the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Canada, Germany, Austrailia, Japan, China and a few other countries around the glode, they sell just about every product now that consumers need in there day to day lives and shipped directly to your door.

Today Amazon makes up around 44 percent of all online sales for products around the world, Amazon now employs over three hundred thousand people world wide, and they ship over 1.5 million packages around the globe every day or around 610 million packages every year, Amazons warehouses use around forty five thousand robots to carry out various work through out the storage facilities, there current valuation is around $356 billion dollars making them larger tham Walmart Target and Best Buy by a large margin.

The amazing scale that Amazon has grown to today is just incredible, from there humble beginnings as an online book shop to the giants of the online shopping industry that they are today, the shear amount of goods that transfer through there giant warehouses every day, then get distributed all around the world within a few days of customers buying them off the internet there are around 305 million customers with active accounts with Amazon currently, and they keep a huge amount of people employed all over the globe. 

Amazon are not only are the giants of online shopping they have acquired numerous other global companies over the years and have diversified there own brand into various other products and media, Amazon Video stream video for there prime members which include movies and tv shows, Amazon have a same day home grocery service available in the United States that ship out non perishable goods to there customers, Amazon Kindle that sell portable E Book readers and Amazon also have there own range of E Books on sale as well.