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Stay Safe Online ShoppingOnline shopping is a great way to buy new products and these days you can just about buy any product or commodity that is available any where in the world, gone are the days of walking all day around shops trying to find your favorite clothing or shoes.

Nowdays you just search online for the product you are looking for and check out with your credit card, but with this convenience comes some risk.  

Credit card fraud is a major problem world wide and for online shoppers there is can be a great risk when using credit cards to buy products if you do not take a few precautions to keep your self safe.

When buying a product from any online store take a look in the browser window top left where the sites url is displayed there should be a green padlock this ensures your safety when using your credit card online.  

This green padlock is an SSL certificate that is issued to the website that you are browsing, the certificate will ensure that your private information is kept private and safe at all times and particularly when you are purchasing online and giving out your credit card details over the internet.

The SSL certificate also verifies that this website is a legitimate website owned by a legitimate person and not a fake website designed to take your money. 

When purchasing any product online always use your private home computer or a secure work computer, never use your credit card at a public networking place like a cyber cafe etc, as you could leave private and valuable information on these computers.

When you have finished and the next person to use the computer could read any information you have not cleared off the screen, also you never know what security these places have in place to keep you safe online. 

Try not to let online stores keep your credit card information sometimes when you purchase a product the website will ask you if you want them to keep your credit card details for next time you use there website.

While this can be convenient the next time you make a purchase with then as it speeds up the process, the down side is if they get hacked which can happen your credit card details can be used by perpetrators to steal private and valuable information from you.