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shopping mallsOnline shopping trends are starting to hit an all time high with around 80% of the population buying online goods at some time in there life, now days we are not just confined to our home town or city for a spending spree.

We can now buy products from just about any major city around the the world, and this means we can now buy products that previously we could never buy, products are now accessible from anywhere we can connect to the Internet and pull out the credit card. 

With the rising trend for online shopping around the world, what does this mean for the traditional mall in places like the United States, shopping malls have been around since the Roman times and earlier, they were a place where people gathered around and traded in goods and produce.

The mall was also a place for social gatherings and exchanging of information, and today the shopping mall still has that same idea, but with more and more consumers trading online the good old shopping malls are losing out, with fewer customers visiting retail shops with in the malls they cannot survive and when the shops close up so do the shopping malls. 

The shopping malls are slowly changing and moving away from commodities and the traditional view of a shopping mall, to a more enticing environment for the consumer, they are adding attractions like miniature theme parks, day spars, fitness clubs and miniature golf courses these attractions provide a level of entertainment that no online store can offer there customers, the mall is once again becoming the meeting place where families can go and have fun together while they shop.  

Shopping malls are also evolving into the place to go and dine out, they are adding fine dining to there list of attractions with restaurants popping up in just every shopping mall around the world, they are performing live arts in the way of concerts and other on stage entertainment long past when the traditional shops have closed, and this night life is attracting the consumer back to the shopping malls, the malls are returning to a place that the entire community can benefit from and not just the consumer buying goods. 

Online shopping is not all bad news for the malls, these changes that they are making now will at some time down the track bring back the traditional shopping mall as a place for families and the community to interact and as a fun place to visit, the shops within the malls also need to change with the trend and some of them are running hybrid shops where they can both sell within the store environment and sell online, which is a good idea the customer can see the products instore and physically handle the product, and at a later time purchase other products online at a cheaper price from the same shop.