The Power of Analytics

For any website owner some type of integrated analytics is crucial for your website, analytics will provide vital information on visitor numbers, what page they are landing on when searching the internet for your product or service, how long they are staying on your website, what country your site visitors are from and a host of other vital information. 

The place to get started is google analytics, you need to sign up for a google account if you have not got one, and procede to the analytics section and from admin on the left side, you add a property which is your website url when this has been proceesed you have the option of tranferring a peice of tracking code to your website or use your assinged tracking id if you have an integrated extension installed on your website.

When you have the tracking code installed on your website you do not need to do anything else, your analytics will take over and start to build a profile of your website and who has been visiting your website and a ton of other information will be collected at the same time, this process takes a few days and will not be viewable right away.

When you need to view the information collected just log back into your google account and return to the analytics console, on the left side is where you will find all the information that has been collected, you will get a vast amount of visitor related information, and may take you a while to understand what it all means, the bounce rate is one worth watching this will tell you how long individual vistors stay on a page before they leave the lower the number the more interesting they find your website.

What does all this mean anyway, having google analytics is a powerful online tool, from the information gathered a webmaster can Taylor an entire website, or individual web pages to suit there audience with out analytics you have no idea who is searching for your product or service, what countries the majority are visiting from and what they are really interested in, understanding this can have a huge benefit for any business that is advertising online

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