Understanding Your Internet Connection

The internet started way back in 1983 when a group discovered TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol) which allowed computers to exchange data through cables, the concept of the internet started way back in the seventies, Nicola Tesla even contemplated some sort of world wide communication net work way back in the 1900s, so the idea has been around for some time just not the technology.

The internet was more advanced by 1990 and a man named Tim Berners Lee invented the idea of the world wide web, where the www. originated from, the world wide web allowed data to be retrieved and shared from anywhere on the planet, from the 1990s there were huge advancements in technology and the world wide web started to grow to the monster that it is today.

Today there are a few options when connecting to the internet, the origional dial up service that has been around since the world wide web started, is still available in some countries, this method uses the telephone line and a modem, dial up is very slow and not reliable some times on bad network wiring the communication can be broken and you need to reconnect while using the internet.

DSL or Digital Subscriber Line, uses twin phone wires your phone is on a seperate line to the internet connection, and the internet connection is always switched on  the data is transfered through a router, with dsl you can talk on the phone while using the internet, as opposed to the dial up you can only perform one task at a time.

ADSL VDSL these two types of connection are similair to the dsl connection, they are both transmitted through copper phone lines but they transfer the signal at higher frequencies than the voice data, allowing the use of the standard phone wire and you can talk and connect to the internet at the same time, both of these data transfers are faster than the DSL connections.

Ultra Fast Broardband connections are rolling out all over the world and offer a blazing fast data transfer speed both for uploads and for downloads, ultra fast broardband relies on fibre optic cable tecnology tiny glass tubes, and not needing the slow copper cables of standerd phone lines the speed of the data transfer is considerbly faster than the other internet connections this type of connection is limited to the cities and not usually available in rural areas.

Wireless internet, while not new this type of connection is getting more popular, more so for people on the move as you can just take your modem with you when you move, the other systems do not allow this and are left at the residence when you move homes, wireless internet is getting more reliable as more transmitters are built, wireless is also available to people in rural areas that do not have phone line connections available, this type of internet connection is more vertsitile than the others.

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