Web Hosting CPanal

This is a basic guide for using CPanal intended for beginner webmasters who are launching a new website for the first time, as part of the learning curve is to be able to understand your CPanal and find your way around.

What is a CPanal, your cpanal is where you control your web hosting account, it is a dashboard where you can setup email accounts, back up your websites data, install content management systems like Joomla and Wordpress, check on visitors to your website and a host of other important duties for any webmasters.

CPanal Access 

To access CPanal on many web hosting accounts you login to your hosting account and search for cpanal there is usually a link that will direct you to your cpanal that will say go to cpanal or advanced depending on your hosting provider, if you cannot find the direct link type your domain into a browser then :2082 for http or :2083 for https, www.YOURDOMAIN.com:2082.

Once you have logged in to your CPanal you will be greeted with the dashboard here you will find sections relating to various aspects of your hosting account if this is your first time using cpanal and you are setting up a new website you will need to look for databases and Mysql database wizard this is where your website files will be stored.

Managing Domains

The domains section of CPanal is where you will setup your domain, sub domain or addon domains, with some web hosting plans you may only be able to use one domain on your hosting account this is common on entry level shared hosting accounts so if you require more than one domain on your account be sure to check this out before you purchase a hosting plan.

Managing Email accounts

This section is where you can control every aspect related to setting up your email accounts, to set up your new email account click on create or new depending on your cpanal layout, enter your preferred user name for your email account this is usually admin or info and the rest of your email will be prefilled with @yourdomain.com enter a password for your new account and click create, the process is easy and automatic.

Managing Website Files

 The files section of CPanal contains all the links to your websites files and related tools, under file manager you can upload content management systems for your new website like joomla or wordpress directly to your public html folder this is where your website files are stored ready to be displayed to your website visitors, under the files section you will also find your backup wizard a very important tool to back up your websites files and data base.

Managing Security

The security section of CPanal is where you will find important tools related to the security of your website, when you purchase some web hosting accounts you will get a free SSL certificate for your domain this is the green lock displayed on your browser go to this section and click on SSL/TLS staus and look for run auto SSL some CPanals will be set up different, make sure your domain is highlighted to include auto SSL and click run auto SSL this will automatically install the SSL certificate on your domain to give you a secure website for your visitors.

Managing Preferences

The preferences section is you will find all the tools related to your cpanal account, under this section you can change your password for your CPanal account, change to your preferred language your contact information and also have access to the layout of your CPanal, there are usually three or more alternative layouts for cpanal and changing them is as easy as one click.

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