Looking to refresh or start new select a website from thousands of stunning Wordpress Themes 

Online ShopOnline shopping is fast becoming a major industry worldwide and designing your own online shopping website can be very profitable for the right market and there are a few ways to design and create your own online shop and start selling.

Content Management Systems

The first option is to design your website with Wordpress or Joomla content management systems, then by adding plugins like Woo Commerce to a Wordpress website or Virtumart to a Joomla website you can add products to sell online through a dropshipping website like Aliexpress. 

Shopify Dropshipping

The second and much more popular option is to setup your online shop with Shopify, this platform provides all that is needed to setup and start selling products online, with web hosting, domain name registration and a very efficient shop builder supplied with your Shopify plan, finding products to sell in your shop is made easy with Oberlo which imports products to your shopiy website.

Designing an online shop requires some thought before you start as you need a large volume of website visitors through the website to be able to make any sales on the products that you have to offer.

You first need to find a niche market that people are willing to pay for products online with fashion and beauty products, at the top of the list however these markets are saturated with many other online shops trying to sell the same products, having an interest or knowledge in the product you are selling would be a great help.

Website Design Basics

Basic website design for your online shop would consist of the home page to showcase the most popular products that you sell and also related products to keep the visitor interested and searching through your website.

For a dropshipping website a very important consideration in the design is a returns policy and terms and conditions of sale, you do not need to stock products with dropshipping but you are responsible for customer support and product returns so a well thought out policy can save you any trouble down the line.

Contact details

Your shop contact details should be visible on all pages of your website particularly the product pages, a phone number is not necessary but a professional looking contact page is preferable plus your email address at the top of every page. 

Website Security

All online shopping websites selling products online through a payment portal like pay pal require efficient website security for both the customer who is paying online, and for the general security of your website these days SSL Certificates are available with most web hosting plans for free.

Shop Blog

To get the required traffic through your online shop to make any sales you are required to run a blog on your website, this will help with your shops search engine optimization, the content can be informative about the products that you are selling and there purpose or can be a comparison blog talking about related products and how they work etc, as we mentioned earlier this will help with SEO and also keep visitors on your website with interesting information.

Social Media

One very important design consideration for your online shop is some type of social media incorporation, for Wordpress websites there are plugins available to incorporate social media share buttons on product pages this allows customers to share your website on Facebook and other social media websites, for Shopify stores these are available through your account admin page.