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Online Website Page BuildersWhen the time comes and you decide to take the big step and undertake the build of your own website, it can be daunting just trying to work out where to start, even with following videos and reading endless articles on the subject you may still not be any closer to knowing where to start, fortunately there is an easy way to build a website.

The old school way of building websites is with coding and css, using this approach to website building is for the professionals and can take a great deal of time to learn even the basics, the new approach to website building is to use page builders, we are not talking about the website builders that you get with your hosting plan, but the concept is similar in the approach of building your website and adding content.

There are alot of page builders on the market these days and some are better than others, we have always used SP Page Builder from Joomshaper you can download here just create an account first SP Page Builder, we have tried Quix page builder in the past but SP page builder is just so easy to learn, the idea behind a page builder is to make the building of website pages easy for the novice webmaster the page builder takes care of the coding involved and all basically you need to do is drag and drop sections onto a page.

Most page builders are available in a free version and a premium version, the free version usually provides most of the functionality required to build a page in a website, however the premium versions will be supplied with a range of premade templates, all the sections of the page are pre filled with text, forms, images and buttons, you just need to replace the text etc with relevant information about what you want on your page.

With a good page builder you can build an entire website from the ground up, you start with a row then add as many columns required in that row to fill with content, and when you have finished your page and you do not really like the layout, you can drag up or down rows to reorganize the content and rearrange the columns by just simply dragging them across the page then save and view again it is really that simple.