Website Security Essentials

Website security is an important topic for any webmaster, when your website is online at any time, you are always vulnerable to hacking attacks, these attacks can come in many forms from seo malware through to a full blown cyber attack that can take down your website and steal your customers private information.

Website hacking has become a major problem with online hackers becoming more complicated in the way they attack and infect your website, your first line of defence is purchasing an ssl certificate for your website, this step will tell your customers that you are a legitimate website with a verified domain and not a hacker yourself.

The second step is to install an antivirus protection program on your website these are simialar to the virus protection on your pc, these components come in many forms and configurations, most will need to be purchased with a subscription from a company that is running the software, as the antivirus database needs to be updated continuously to keep up with the hackers.

The third step is to be wary of componants, modules and plugins that you find on the internet, the greatest threat here is from pirated extensions as the hackers can hide malicious codes inside the extensions and when you install them on your website, this code can change files etc from within the website and leave you open to online attacks. 

One aspect of security alot of webmasters forget about is changing there login name and password frequently, for most this is never changed since thewebsite went live, with out changing your login details hackers have a chance of guessing your username and password over time and if succesful they can cause severe damage to your website.

The last defence againest online website attacks and a very important part is to always back up your files, if you know your way around cpanal you can back up your database from there, or you can install an extension like Akeeba Backup this will back up your entire site to a jpa or zip file, and if you do get hacked you can restore your website and be up and running in a short time.

When you have multiable websites hosted on your hosting account buying ssl certificates for each website can get expensive, with certain hosting providers, you get the opportunity to install ssl certificates at no extra cost, this is done through third party websites like lets encrypt and installing the certificate is as easy as clicking the install button in your cpanal. 

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