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What Is A Computer VirusA Computer virus can take many forms and the end result when one infects your computer can vary depending on how the virus is constructed and what it is designed to do once the file is in your computer system.

A computer virus is much like a virus that infects humans it can be transferred from host to host through email the internet or from storage devices like usb sticks, and they can also replicate themselves within files or documents on your computer.

A virus is constructed from malicious code that acts like a program and can alter the way that an infected computer operates the virus spreads by attaching to a document or program that should be in your system and can destroy files or alter the program that it is attached to they can be attached to emails or attached to downloadable software or other programs on the internet. 

The attached virus can lay dormant until you take a certain action while working with your computer or using the program that the virus is attached to, this can then execute the malicious code which can cause the damage.

Not all computer viruses are designed to destroy files or corrupt programs on your computer, some are designed specifically to spy on your actions while online they can steal your passwords to accounts on other networks like banks and storage facilities.

When a hacker can access your passwords and login details for bank accounts they can often use these credentials to fraudulently access your bank account and transfer funds to there own account this is why it is very important to install an antivirus program on your computer. We recommend Kaspersky internet security for protection from malware and viruses

As we mentioned earlier there are several ways a virus can spread online, through email messages, text messages on phones, downloading pirated software and attachments this is why you need to be extra careful when browsing online do not download attachments or messages that you are not expected as they may contain a computer virus.

There are certain actions to look out for when you maybe experiencing a virus attack there may be frequent popup windows promoting downloads or free software these can be advertising malware which can be very annoying but are usually not harmful.

Some computer viruses are designed to change your browsing home page every time you start your internet browser and take you to a fraudulent website to download software or other more serious matters.

Some virus attacks are designed to severely damage your computers hard drive, you may be experiencing a frozen screen or your computer starts crashing frequently this type of virus can cause major damage and you may lose all data on your system drive.

To prevent these problems from ever starting in the first place it is advisable to always use a quality antivirus program when browsing online these programs will filter out any malicious software downloads that may be attached to files and always scan any incoming emails before they are opened.