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Wordpress VS JoomlaWordpress and Joomla are two of the most popular content management systems around, both of these products are used to build your website from the ground up and organize your content into something that can be viewed on the internet.

Both Wordpress and Joomla are open sourced projects, they are developed by a group of like minded developers who work behind the scenes to bring you two great products.

Neither of the organizations make any money from there product and you can download and install both for free, any updates that are available are also provided to you for free from there websites.


Both products have there advantages and disadvantages, Wordpress is by far the most popular content management system available today currently there are over seventy five million websites that have been created with Wordpress, and a corosponding two point eight million websites running on Joomla, so you can plainly see Wordpress comes out on top, although half of Wordpress websites are on freewordpress.com.

A great amount of online blogs and information websites that are on the internet are powered by Wordpress, most hosting providers have a one click install for Wordpress available with there hosting plans, once installed you just add plugins to keep the site running smoothly and to aid the insertion of content, and with Wordpress just about any beginner website builder can manage there website with ease.


Joomla is also a fantastic content management system, to run a Joomla website smoothly you need to have a bit of knowledge on structuring a website, and website building, Joomla is a little more complicated than Wordpress to install and to add content however saying this Joomla can still be mastered with a bit of patience and time, with Joomla you have a far larger scope to be more creative with your website.

For the first time website builder you could choose one or the other, Wordpress is the least complicated and you will be up and running your new blog in no time, Joomla as we said before offers you a far more creative base to build your website on and allows you more scope to produce a fantastic looking website for years to come.