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Facebook Or Google Advertising

Business Advertising

Facebook and Google are the two main online advertising platforms available anywhere in the world, Facebook has over two billion subscribers and 1.5 billion users each month and Google has 1.7 billion users each day so both platforms offer a huge potential audience for any business wanting to advertise there services online. 

Both these platforms are a powerful way to advertise any business online and reach potential customers but there are differences between the two online giants in the way that they can reach your customers as Facebook is a social networking website while Google is a global search engine.

With this this guide we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of advertising through the Facebook advertising platform or Google Adwords platform to promote your business or services online and who will gain the most from using each advertising platform. 

Google Adwords

Google has grown over the years since they were founded in 1998 by two phd students at Stanford university in California to the giant global search engine that it has become today, with over 3.5 billion search queries each day Google can offer business advertisers access to an almost unlimited number of potential customers.

 Search Network/Display Network

Google provides two networks for advertisers the search network and display network, the search network makes use of the global search engine where advertisers can bid on keywords and keyword phrases a bit like a car or antique auction where the sale goes to the highest bidder, but with the search network the keyword will go to the highest bidder and be placed on page one of Google.

Google display network provides advertisers with visual advertising tools such as banners, displaying text and images to grab the attention of potential business customers, the display network advertising platform is a great way to build your business brand as there is a visual element added that you do not get with the search network advertising.

 Advantages Of Google Advertising

Advantages of using Google advertising network include a massive potential audience through both there search network and display network with people posting 3.5 billion search queries every single day and growing the numbers are huge and for your business to be part of this can only be good the your business and brand.

No other search engine in the world can even come close to the search numbers that Google can provide and with the ongoing development in Google search bots the global search engine is always evolving to provide the most popular advertising network anywhere in the world and is set to dominate for a long time to come.

Google main advertising means is through Google Adwords which are PPC ads where the advertiser pays per click, the higher the advertiser can bid on a keyword the higher up the Google page that the ad will appear which means your business is in front of a massive audience, when you do a search in Google you will see ad before a search result at the top of the page this means that an advertiser has a ppc advert that Google has placed there before any other search results on that page. 

Google Adwords are mainly text based but there are a huge amount of features available to make there advertising more appealing to potential customers these features include, location targeting where you can target ads to specific countries or even cities, user reviews which can help to promote your business as one that can be trusted and a host of other features to ensure you have all the tools need to promote your business the best way possible.

Google are always improving on the way that there ads are delivered and presented and there will always be an ad format suitable for any business that will ensure your business is placed in front of potential customers in a way to help your business to grow and make more profit well into the future.  

 Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook is very different to advertising on the Google platform, one is a global search engine the other is a social networking website where friends and family can chat and stay in touch with each other.

As with Google, Facebook boasts a very large worldwide audience with over 1.5 billion users each month using the very popular social networking site, no other social networking website can even come close to the potential audience that Facebook can provide.

The way Facebook works at targeting potential customers through there advertising network differs from Google in that they do not target the entire audience at on time, instead they target individual Facebook users.

 Targeted Audience

Facebook advertising targets potential customers through the social website by targeting personal interests, beliefs and values so Facebook take advantage of this and provide advertisers with a tailored messaging system to target there audience by what they are talking about or sharing with there friends and family while using the social networking website.

This system works great as you are not wasting money targeting the wrong audience, you are targeting an audience that is interested in what you can provide them through your business, and unlike Google PPC advertising Facebook uses visual appeal in the advertising platform by using an image backed up by text to grab the attention of customers when advertising with Facebook your advert can be shared around just like posts so you can reach a huge audience.

Advertising with Facebook can can return a high ROI or return on investment for there advertisers, there is a huge range of tools available for advertisers to target the right audience and customizing the ads are made easy to get the look you want, you can set a budget for each day so you exactly how much is spent on advertising each day and there advertising costs are very competitive.

There are alot of businesses worldwide that are taking advantage of not just one advertising platform but both Google Adwords and Facebook advertising to reach the most amount of customers possible, you can set the daily limit spent with both advertising platforms so you do not go over budget and both have a massive audience to present your business to, so experimenting with both advertising platforms will return you with the best possible coverage for any business looking to advertise online.  

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