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Facebook Business Page

Like it or not Facebook is here to stay and with over 2 billion people on the popular social networking website there is a huge audience for any business just waiting to be tapped, setting up your Facebook business page is completly free so we will guide you through the process.

With such a large audience setting up your business page should be a priority for new and exsisting businesses, Facebook is great both for marketing your business and for branding  your business name.

Business Page Advantages

There are many advantages with a Facebook business page these include large potential customer base, building email lists, lowering your marketing costs, targeting audiences by location, building your brand and increasing traffic to your business website all these will help your business to be more profitable in the long term.

The first step is to visit and select the type of facebook page you need, business or brand/community or public figure and click get started enter your page name this is usually your business or brand naame and select a category from the drop down list click continue and follow the instructions.

Facebook Profile Picture

Once all your information has been entered you will be asked to upload your Facebook profile picture which usually will be your logo and needs dimensions of 170 x 170 pixels as the image will be cropped as a square dimension, the cover image is next and ideally needs to be 820 x 462 pixels and the image needs to capture the eye so needs to be bright and represent your business profile.

When you have selected your profile image and cover image your newly created business page will be displayed, now there is a host of other information to fill out

    • Description – Let people know what your Facebook Page is all about in 155 characters.
    • Categories – Categories can help people find your Facebook business Page.
    • Contact information – state your business phone number, website, and email address.
    • Location – when you have a physical store, share your business address.
    • Hours – maybe you are open on selected hours, then you can state them here.
    • More – You can state a price range for any goods you are selling

 Facebook Username

On the left side of the page there is a provision to create a unique username for your business page, use your brand or business name as the username this helps people search and find your business easier on Facebook also add a button for a link to your business website so customers can find you online.

Add Interesting Content

Adding interesting and relevent content to your business page should be first priority once your page has been setup, you can get free advertising with great content about your services or products include an image with your post and appropriate hash tags so that your post is highly visible in the network you can also reach out to customers with tips on using your products or services.

Facebook Followers

 For any business getting a good following on Facebook is crucial as followers will be updated when you post new content to the Facebook page, and keeping them engaged is a great way to more profit for your business inviting all your friends to like your page is a great way to start the ball rolling remember all this will cost nothing at all so make the use of your new business page, coming up advertising your business on Facebook. 

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